Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just wait until . . .

This morning my two boys went to their first summer soccer workouts. I guess it just hit me, but I now have two boys at the high school, a junior and a freshman. My high school days don't seem that long ago, and I certainly don't feel that old.

I remember when my wife was pregnant with our oldest. I remember someone saying "enjoy your sleep now, just wait until he's born." Then after he was born, "just wait until he walks." The big one was always "wait until he's a teenager." As if the next stage in parenting was something to dread, and wish away.

Amy and I made a decision when we first heard the "just wait until . . . " nay-sayers. We decided that we were going to enjoy each and every stage that our children would go through. And we have. This doesn't mean that we've done everything perfect or it's been all rosy. But, we made the decision that we would enjoy our kids.

And we look forward to having two in high school and one in fourth grade. Are you "just wait until" or are you "looking forward to . . ."?

FYI - I'm not looking forward to the smell of sweaty teenage boys in the van when I pick them up!

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