Thursday, December 31, 2009

Number 365

Today I listened to the last Daily Audio Bible podcast of the year, therefore have listened to the entire Bible in 2009. Yeah!

I plan to listen again in 2010 and so can you. The Bible is divided into 365 daily readings, with each day having a reading from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. The readers will offer some introduction to each book of the Bible and will usually offer some insight after each day's reading. Check it out at

Here's the easy part, the days that I couldn't get the podcast due to being away, it was real easy to catch up. I could listen to more than one at a time while traveling, exercising, or whatever.

I don't suggest that you just listen to the Bible and never read - but I have found this to be a great supplement to my regular study. Join me in 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Clean

Our van was filthy. It seemed like it has been raining for months. Our driveway was a mess. Mud holes and mud left a brown haze on our van and little incentive to wash it. We could wash it, have it spotless, and drive on our driveway once and be back where we started.

So, while we were visiting family after Christmas, I decided to take the van and go through one of the 'spotless' car washes. Kaleb went with me and we picked an 'Auto Spa'. The lines were long for two-bay automated wash. We waited patiently and even calculated that the 'super wash' lasted 7 minutes. That's what we were getting.

We were in luck. The 'super wash' was only $6, $2 off. Cool. We spend out 7 minutes getting sprayed on, soaked, rinsed, clear coat protected and a bunch of other stuff. Finally, we're done and clean.

We were home admiring how clean was when Kaleb says, "I've never noticed that before." What?

One of the wheel covers was missing. Dang! Must have come off in the car wash. So we went back to get it.

There was still a line at the car wash. Luckily, when we arrived, the car in the bay we used was leaving. I ran up to the car waiting to enter and asked if I could look for my wheel cover. Sure!

Kaleb and I ran in quickly to see if we could find the wheel cover. Not seeing it, I was on my way out when the laser sensor detected me and assumed I was the next car and proceeded to blast me!

The half second I was in there was enough to soak me! I mean, soaked to the bone. When I ran around to the car wash exit, I found my wheel cover.

Kaleb didn't get a drop on him, but he did have a big smile on his face.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Didn't Take the Easy Way

Yesterday was my bride's birthday. Usually the kids and I just buy a cake from the grocery store to make things quicker and easier - but we didn't do that yesterday. Katherine and I made Amy's birthday cake!

Don't get too excited . . . it was box cake. You know - the kind that you empty the box, mix in some oil, eggs, water and then bake for 30 minutes.

We had fun, but I couldn't wait for the layers to cool to put icing on them, so I stuck them in the fridge. It worked. Also, being a big fan of icing, we put more than the normal amount to make it 'extra good'.

For some reason, that cake looked better and tasted better - at least to Katherine and I. Sometimes it has to do with what you put into it.

Oh, yeah, Happy Birthday Amy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Faith in Action Video

Several have asked, so here is the video that we showed today at church from our Faith in Action day on October 11.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Faith in Action

This past Sunday was Faith in Action Sunday at Bagley Swamp! You can check out the story here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too Bad My Kids Weren't With Me . . .

This morning I went to the YMCA for my morning workout. I took a change of clothes to shower there. My plan was to then head to the local coffee house for a time of resting, reflection and reading. Then run a few errands before heading to the office.

After getting out of the shower and getting dressed, I realized that I had forgotten my shoes. All I had was my work-out sneakers. No big deal, except for the fact that I had on dark pants and dark socks. Crud. Embarrassment or Coffee. Who cares, I put on my white sneakers and head on over to the coffee house.

I know I looked like a dork, but I wanted my coffee and my time of resting, reflecting and reading. My only regret, my kids weren't with me. It was a wasted chance for me to once again embarrass them in public . . . (Usually I can do that without trying - this would have been especially good!)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Night Download

Just a few thoughts this evening:
  • Grill Fest was really amazing this morning at Bagley Swamp Church. Our outdoor worship was moved inside due to the weather. Our team had to do a lot of improvising, and it turned out great. Huge crowd. Way to go Bagley Swamp!
  • Met a pile of new folks this morning, made a lot of connections. Lots of folks searching.
  • Despite 2 inches of rain overnight, we still had most of our activity outside. With around 300 folks there, we didn't have enough room inside anywhere to eat. The radar showed us getting rain at noon, but we never saw any. Thank you, Lord.
  • Can't believe the Tarheels got spanked by Georgia Tech yesterday. Looks like we didn't really show up.
  • The Redskins haven't looked too hot this year, so I wasn't real surprised that they lost to the Lions (their first win in 20 games). Disappointed, but not surprised.
  • Soccer kicks into high gear this week at our house. A game each night, Monday-Thursday. I believe that is our schedule for the month of October.
  • Looking forward to our Faith In Action projects coming up on October 11!
  • Got some great news from one of my buddies about how God has provided relief from some medical bills!
Time to get some rest!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early Morning Runs

I have switched my exercise routine some lately. I was going to the YMCA five mornings a week, but lately have I have been jogging a few mornings a week in our neighborhood and going to the Y on the other days.

On my jogging days, I enjoy the cool mornings, the bright stars, the sounds of nature waking and the gradual lightening of the skies. Somehow, this makes me feel closer to God.

When do you feel close to God?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cash for My Clunker

We've got a 20 year old Nissan pick-up that our 16 year old drives. We've had it for about 10 years. Good truck, reliable, have really gotten our money out of it.

Several weeks ago, our son calls on his way home from work, saying that he has broken down. I go and pick him up, have the truck towed to a garage. The timing belt had broken and we had bent a valve. So we are looking at some $ to fix it.

About this time, the ol' Cash for Clunkers deal started. So, guess what we did!

Guess again.

We fixed it. We drove it home today.

Why? Several reasons. We didn't want or need a new vehicle. We were not going into debt to get a different vehicle. Plus, we don't like idea of another government bailout.

We were able to pay cash and get the truck fixed and have good, reliable transportation cheaper than we could buy a different vehicle.

So, for us, this was the best deal. We paid cash for our clunker (to get fixed). Laugh if you want, but we're still debt free.

Romans 13:8 "Owe no one anything . . . except to love one another"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Stinks . . . Really!

This evening Amy and I hopped in the car and drove from the house to church (for VBS), about half a mile. I noticed an odor. Amy had driven the car to and from Chesapeake today, but said she hadn't noticed the odor.

Did you leave your breakfast in the car? No. Did you leave your gym bag in the car? No, went jogging this morning, showered at home. Hmmm.

We got to the church, and opened the trunk. There it was . . . a gallon of milk left in the trunk from Saturday. Exploded!

That really stinks.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From NY to Philly

Yesterday we finished up in NYC and today we head to Philadelphia. Looking forward to taking in a few of the sights and see the Phillies play tonight. Here are a few observations from yesterday:
  • We went to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. While it is neat to say we've been there, and know that is where millions were 'welcomed' to the USA, it was a lot of trouble. Herded like cattle onto the ferry boats after waiting in line for over an hour didn't quite 'make' the experience for me.
  • Took a bus tour of Brooklyn. It in a nice, air-conditioned bus, so that was nice. Saw lots of sights that we've seen on TV many times. Also saw the Brooklyn Tabernacle.
  • The highlight of the say was walking in and out of the shops at Times Square. Surprisingly, the prices didn't seem any different from the prices at home. In fact, Kendall got a good deal on a pair of shoes.
  • We ate at Dallas BBQ at Times Square. It was fantastic. Large portions for a little price.
  • Believe it or not, we went into the Hersey's Store and the M&M's store and didn't buy anything. We didn't want to wait in line and thought the chocolate would melt by the time we got back to the hotel. I saw Reese's peanut butter cups make with dark chocolate for the first time.
Getting ready to check-out and travel to Philly. One of goals is to get a philly cheesesteak.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Road Trip

This week our family has ventured to New York City and later to Philly. We spent yesterday in NYC taking in the city through bus tours. Here are some of my observations:
  • This place is huge - every building is huge, and it seems that there are people everywhere.
  • However, seeing so many huge buildings, knowing that they are full of people, I can only imagine what it would look like if everyone came out into the streets at the same time!
  • According to the tour guides, the cost of housing has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. A place that cost $50,000 15 years ago is now worth over a million. Wow!
  • I was surprised that your typical fast food is just about the same price at home - a little more - but not outrageous.
  • However, there are plenty of $$$$$ places to eat.
  • We ride the bus from NJ into NYC each morning. The money we paid - $19.60 for our family - is worth every penny. I don't like waiting in line to catch the bus leaving the city, but it is well worth it.
Looking forward to more adventures today!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Road Trip

I'm on a road trip today to Atlanta to see the Braves and Dodgers play. There's a guy in our church that is crazy about the Dodgers, so he invited me to go along. Lots of time on the road over the next two days, but great times and memories.

My son Kaleb is going as well, so we ought to have a great time. We'll be sure to pull hard for the Braves!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ring Around a Rosie

“Ring around a rosie, a pocket full of posies.
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.”

I heard some kids singing that the other day. I looked around and saw them holding hands in a circle – and then flop on the ground after singing the last phrase. Laughing and giggling, their enjoyment was contagious. No video games, no cell phones, no toys, no nothing. Just a nursery rhyme and some friends. Simple.

Remember when life was that simple. It seems that when you get older, life gets more complicated. For me, that particular nursery rhyme got complicated. You see, here’s how I learned it:
“Ring around a rosie, a pocket full of posies.
Red bird, blue bird, we all fall down.”

So, which way is right? If you are like most people, you’re thinking, the way I learned it is right! Why? Because that’s what I was taught. My momma said . . .

When we get older, we find ourselves defending lots of things – more important than nursery rhymes – by saying Because that’s what I was taught. My momma said . . .

As followers of Christ, we need to move from my momma said to that’s what the Bible says. The problem is that most Christians don’t know how the Bible applies to everyday life. How to raise children, how to operate a business, how to be a friend, how to have a great marriage . . .

It is the responsibility of each Christ follower to follow Christ. That means it is our responsibility to know the Bible and to live like we know it.

Friday, July 24, 2009


While we were on vacation, Amy and I went for a jog. Actually, she left first, then a few minutes later, I left. We have jogged off and on for years. For the many years, we had to take turns jogging, so one could watch the kids while the other jogged. We looked forward to the day that we could jog together. Several years ago that day arrived, we jogged together and realized that each of us did better if we ­didn’t jog together. I digress.

Anyway, the other day Amy and I both jogged 5.4 miles. Amy’s longest run ever, my longest in quite sometime. The next day we ran 2 miles, and then the following we ran 4. In our little three days of jogging, I learned several things:

- Knowing the goal each day made it easier to reach that goal. When we ran 5.4 miles, we were mentally ready to go past the 2 mile and 4 mile marks. On the 2 mile day it would have been tough to switch to 5 miles at the end of the 2 miles.

- Each time we ran, we ran without stopping. I know for me, if Amy hadn’t been jogging, I probably would have walked some. I really didn’t want to be walking and see her jogging. So, her being around helped me keep going.

- Each day we got up early, not real excited about being up or about exercising. But, our best part of the day was the hour after exercising. Cooling down, relaxing. Realizing that we have just done something that was right, good and healthy.

- The toughest part was getting out of bed and out the door.

Our spiritual lives are very similar. It is very easy to get lazy. It is a whole lot easier to get and stay in spiritual shape if we have someone who is our “jogging” partner for our spiritual lives. Most of the time, there is no glamour in the day to day. However, living your life connected to God and others who are connected with God, can change a mundane life into one with purpose and adventure. May you connect with God and each other . . .

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crazy Love

This Sunday, my Sunday School class begins a journey through Francis Chan's book, Crazy Love. There are several resources available to help us get more out of the book. Go to to see the videos that go with each chapter. Also, for the month of July, you can download for FREE the audio version of Crazy Love, read by Francis Chan. Click here to get the audio book

If you don't have the book yet, click here to order one. It's even cheaper now. 

I'm excited about our journey.  

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Founding Fathers

I like this post from Mark Batterson's blog. 

I love history. And I love America! Thought I'd share a little of both as we celebrate Independence Day.

Before I do, let me say a few things. First of all, this isn't meant to be a dissertation. It's a blog. Secondly, I'm not nominating all of our founding fathers for sainthood. Having said that let me say this: there is a lot of revisionist history that totally ignores or distorts the faith of our Founding Fathers. A lot of them were motivated by their faith in Christ.

Here's some back story on some of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence. Most Americans know next to nothing about these fifty-six heroes who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the cause of freedom.

John Witherspoon was an ordained minister and authored several books of sermons, as well as editing America's first family Bible in 1791.

Charles Thomson served as Secretary of Congress and was a Biblical scholar. He helped edit the first American translation of the Greek Septuagint into English.

Charles Carroll, the last of the fifty-six signers to pass away at the age of 95 in 1832, wrote out hisdeclaration of faith at the age of eighty-nine.

On the mercy of my Redeemer I rely for my salvation, and on His merits; not on the works I have done in obedience to His precepts.

Another Founding Father, Benjamin Rush, is considered the "Father of American Medicine." He personally trained three thousand medical students. Dr. Rush also founded "The First Day Society" which was the precursor to the Sunday School movement, as well as founding America's first Bible society. It was Benjamin Rush who said the Constitution was "as much the work of Divine Providence as any of the miracles recorded in the Old and New Testament were the effects of divine power."

Francis Hopkinson was a church music director and edited one of the first hymnals printed in America in 1767. He also set 150 psalms to music.

Roger Sherman is the only Founding Father to sign all four of America's Founding documents: the Articles of Association in 1774, the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Articles of Confederation in 1778, and the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Roger Sherman was also a theologian. He wrote a personal creed that was adopted by his church:

I believe that there is one only living and true God, existing in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the same in substance, equal in power and glory. That the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are a revelation from God, and a complete rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him.

I could share story after story, but the bottom line is this: many of our Founding Fathers were motivated by their Faith in Christ. They wrote sermons and creeds and hymns. They founded Bible Societies and Sunday Schools. They served God's purposes in their generation. And I, for one, am grateful.

Hope that adds a spiritual dimension to your 4th of July celebration!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Faith is a Substance

I like this post on  Steven Furtick's blog:

I like the old King James translation of Hebrews 11:1:
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is not an abstract theoretical proposition.  It’s not wishful thinking.  It’s substance.  It’s action.

Most of my life I imagined faith as some kind of force field.  And the way we talk about faith dematerializes it.  By most definitions, faith is synonymous with hope.

The more I study Scripture, the more I detect a sharp distinction between hope and faith.  Hope is a desire. Faith is a demonstration. Hope wants it to happen. Faith causes it to happen and acts as if it’s already done.

Faith is not content to want it really, really bad.  Faith consults the drawings and gets busy building.  Hope is the blueprint.  Faith is the contractor.

Some of the things we’re believing God for will never happen in our lives because we stand in hope instead ofwalking in faith.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Boys Return

My boys have been away for 11 days, the longest time I haven't been with them. They left with Amy and Katherine to see some family, then went to camp. After camp, they went to Amy's brother's for a few days. I'm looking forward to their return. 

While they have been away, we've gotten a little preview for what life may be like after they leave home. Katherine has been my big helper, and we've been able to do a lot of fun things together. I realize that the boys do a lot around the house (chores) that makes life easier. I mowed the yard twice while they were gone, my first two times of the summer. Hopefully, it will be my last two times this year. The benefits of having two teenage boys. 

Most of all, I missed being with them, knowing what's been going on in their lives. I look forward to them telling of their adventures. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This Week

This week our boys have gone to camp for the week. Camp has been one of the summer highlights for our kids since they can remember. Our kids have been going to camp since 1997. Kendall was 4 and Kaleb was 3. Our first camp was a family camp - and our kids have been at camp at least one week a year ever since. For several years, they spent two weeks at camp since I worked at the children's camps. 

Since the boys are at camp,  I'm home with the girls. It's one of the few times that I've been out-numbered. That's key when it comes to what is being watched on the TV in the living room (that has the DVR). 

The cool thing is that Katherine has been my sidekick yesterday and today. We've had a great time together. We went to the Y both days - today at 5:30 am - and then to Muddy's for a mocha (for me) and a Holy Cow (for her). Great times!  

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Driver

Last Thursday, Kaleb finished up the driving part of Driver's Ed around 12:15 pm. By 1:15 he had passed his Driver's Ed exam, had his picture taken and was waiting for his learner's permit to be made. 

He proceeded to drive me back to Hertford. Then he drove us out to eat that night. Kinda weird. Even with Kendall driving, it is still my habit to go to the driver's door when going somewhere. I guess it is time to kick the habit for a while.  BTW, Kaleb does rather well. My only complaint, sometimes he goes too slow. (I know that will change.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Fishin'

The kids and I went fishing this evening at a little pond near our house. We've fished there many times, but with little success. This evening was different.

Katherine had caught two fish, and Kendall one, before I ever got my pole in the water. We ended up catching over twenty fish in a short period of time. We  started off catching catfish and finished by catching mostly bream. Katherine caught two rather large catfish, requiring her brothers to help her haul them in. Kendall is now the family expert on getting catfish off the hook. 

The weather was perfect. A little overcast with enough breeze to keep the insects away. What an enjoyable evening! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Days

There have been some big days lately for my family and our church. 

Our oldest son, Kendall, flew out to Colorado Springs last week for Summer Seminars at the Air Force Academy. He seemed to have had a good time even though it was quite strenuous physically. Most importantly for mom and dad, he made it back. 

Our church had a huge Sunday. We made faith (financial) commitments for a new facility. Our pledges exceeded our goals. We also received an initial offering toward that facility. That offering was more than our total offerings during my first year at the church. The phase I kept saying on Sunday was "I can't believe this!" Wow!

Finally, we travel to Durham today for my niece's graduation from high school. I know I sound old, but I remember vividly the day she was born. She is the first of 6 grandchildren to graduate. She begins four straight years of high school graduations for the grand kids. If the kids get through college in four years, my parents could be going to a graduation each year for the next 10 years. Wow. 

Friday, June 5, 2009


This evening we had our first thunderstorm of the summer. I know that it is technically not summer, but this evening we had one of those storms. 

This evening it reminded me of a snow storm. Not in what we saw, but the effect that it had on us. We were in awe of the weather happening around us. It was a little scary, but beautiful as well. Once the thunder passed, the rain kept coming down, and it seemed peaceful. 

We didn't lose power, but we did lose the Directv for a while. So, we watched it rain. I don't know, but it seems that in storms we (at least I) tend to reconnect with nature (God). I think that it is true with the storms of life as well. 

I want to live life in awe of God, not having to rely on storms to get my attention. Lord, help me see your wonders in everyday life. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This year Amy and I have been listening to the Daily Audio Bible podcast each and every day. We're listening through the Bible in a year. I have really enjoyed hearing the Word. Today we started in on Acts and are in the middle of 2 Samuel in the OT. 

Sometimes we listen together on the way to the YMCA for our early morning workout, and on days we don't ride together we listen separately. 

This morning we were listening on our way home from taking Kendall to the airport and I was excited because we were in the middle of the exploits of David in 2 Samuel. I love the action and adventure. I was just about to share those thoughts with Amy when she said, "I've had a hard time following what's happening in 2 Samuel." What?

I guess that is one of the ways that we are made different. It is why I have to tell her what I'm thinking instead of assuming she knows. Also, I need to remember everyone doesn't think like I do. (However, the world would be a better place . . . )

So, whatever you think of this post, someone else probably has the exact opposite opinion. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Big Day as Parents

Wednesday will be a big day for Amy and I as parents. It will be even a bigger day for our son, Kendall. 

Kendall will catch a flight in Norfolk, fly to Dallas, and then fly on to Colorado Springs. He will be participating in one of three Summer Seminars at the Air Force Academy

So, several 'firsts' will be happening for both parents and son over the next several days. First flights on commercial plane, being so far away from home, going to a military camp, being in the mountains (7250 ft. elevation compared to about 3 ft. elevation here), and doing all of this with no one that he knows. 

There are two ways (maybe more) to approach this. One way: all of this is new, unknown, and scary. Just try to make it through it. OR another way: all of this is new, unknown, and exciting. It's an adventure and let's see what's out there. 

Hopefully Kendall, Amy and I will have the second approach. 

BTW, he hasn't signed with the Air Force or anything like that. This is a fancy "look-see" with a lot of adventure involved. He is really interested in engineering and will be taking several seminars while 'out there'.  


One of our favorite things to do as a family is to play in the water. We love to swim and go boating on the river. As most people are, I am a creature of habit in that I enjoy doing the same things that I’ve done before.

However, over the last few summers, I have endeavored to learn a few new things to do while being pulled behind a boat in the river. I’ve learned to slalom ski (ski on one), wake board (not very good), and knee board.

Now for each of these, it was a tough deal for me to learn how to get up and stay on top of the water - much less look good doing it. So, this past Memorial Day, I decided that I wanted to learn to do a trick while knee boarding. Tricks usually mean pain for me. But, I was tired of doing the same ’ol thing. I wanted to do a 360 (turn all the way around). So, I’d try - and bust it. Try again, same result. I don't know how many times I tried, but each time I felt like I was getting closer.

Then came the moment of glory. I finally made it. It wasn't pretty, but those in the boat clapped and cheered for me. Here’s the crazy thing. I then proceeded to do the 360 trick seven more times without falling. It seems that once I did it, I then knew how. I finally had to let go because I was worn out.

That reminds me of the following God. Several times we fall, but we need to keep getting back up. That’s what Abraham, Moses, and David did. They weren’t perfect from the get go. Pretty far from it. They just kept getting back up and trying again. Each time they learned a little bit. Made some adjustments, and went at it again.

We need to do the same as we follow Christ. Here’s the cool part - Jesus will help us. We just have to ask. He won’t laugh at you like the folks did watching me bust it on the river. He’s pulling for you. Don’t be content with the same ‘ol. Seek to know Jesus better today than you did yesterday. May we connect people with God . . . and each other.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Reading Queue

Here are several books that I can't wait to get in to:

Actually, I'm almost done with this one. Great leadership insight for any type of leadership position.Check out Tony's blog. 

Be sure to check out the website for this book. We look to do the DVD study in our Sunday School soon!

I think the title speaks for itself, Less Clutter, Less Noise. Can't wait to get into this one. Check out Kem's blog

Don't Let Me Go

Just finished reading this book by David Pierce. It's a great story of a dad's journey with his daughter as they grow together through great adventures. They run marathons and climb mountains together. 

As a dad of a 10 year old girl, I want to have the kind of relationship that the author has with his daughter. That means doing some strategic planning to have some adventures together. I'm looking forward to it. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Haven't Gone Anywhere

I know I haven't posted in a while, kinda embarrassing. I've had some busy weeks, but no real excuse. I took me a while to figure out why I haven't had 'time' to post. I usually post in the evenings - and lately I've been spending most evenings outside until past dark. 

So . . . since I get up each morning at 4:50 to go to the Y, that means I hit the sack kinda early. Not much free time in the evenings to post. 

All that to say . . . I need plan some time to post. Maybe shift it to another part of the day. We'll see. Stay tuned.  

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Evening

This evening, Amy and I took the boat out for the first time this season. In the past, the inaugural boat trip of a season always had some surprise with it - usually not good. However, this year was different. No problems!  In fact, it was quite relaxing and beautiful to see the sun setting on the river. Sweet! Now I can't wait to ski!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mid-Week Reflections

I can't believe that it is Wednesday already. It seems that this week is moving along fairly fast. Here are some thoughts:
  • Watching the Carolina Hurricanes right now. The 'Caines just scored two goals in a matter of a minute. Our family has watched a total of about 10 minutes all year and saw the 'Caines score two in the final two minutes in game 7 of the last series. 
  • Our Spring Fest on Sunday at church was incredible. Our volunteers were tremendous! We had tons of guests - out largest crowd ever for anything at Bagley Swamp! We ran out of food - the first time that has ever happened!
  • The forecast was for 70% chance of rain - we only had a 3 minute shower that cooled things for us :-)
  • I've had conversations every day this week with folks that are moving forward in their relationship with Jesus! That is awesome!
  • Our youth group had new teens on Sunday night and today at an after school hang out. Wow!
  • Excited about Todd (our youth pastor) getting away with other youth pastors tomorrow and Friday in Charlotte! 
  • Yesterday and today we finally got some much needed rain! Enough to wash some of the dirt off of our car - but not hard enough to make it look clean. 
  • Might the Braves win one tonight?
  • Going to try to get to bed early tonight!  

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Latest Adventure

Last night the family and I traveled to see the Carolina Mudcats play in Zebulon, NC (2.5 hour drive). They are the AA affiliate for the Reds. We hadn't been there in years, and the place had really changed. The real reason for going was to surprise a friend for his 40th birthday. Another family joined us and we had a great time together. 

The game started late since it had rained, so we left before the game was over to get back home. That's when the real adventure began. We had been on the road for about 30 minutes when I noticed that the interior lights began to dim. That's not good. Then the headlights went out. Then on, then out. We pull over. We're in a van that won't move at 11pm. 

We call a tow truck to come get us. Meanwhile, a deputy stops to help. The tow truck shows up and tows us 6 miles back to Rocky Mount. The deputy gives Amy and kids a ride and we drop the van off at Colony Tire and then to the Red Roof Inn. 

We get a 'smoking room' since that is all they have left. We check in - the only time I've ever checked into a hotel with no luggage - no nothing. 

I get up at 6:45 am and walk to Colony Tire and the manager drives up right when I get there. I tell him of my situation, so he will get the van in as soon as his tech guys come in. A little while later, they diagnose that the alternator needs replacing. I go back to hotel to shower and we're on the road by 10 and home by 12 noon. 

Several amazing things:
  • We broke down near a town instead of the middle of nowhere. 
  • The deputy gave the family a ride. It really would have been a hoot to see everyone in the van on the tow truck.
  • I slept with my contacts in for the first time in my life and they were not glued to my eyes when I woke up.  (I can doze for 10 minutes and they usually stick to my eyes.)
  • I have sleep apnea and did not have my machine. The family did not hear me snoring or having any apnea episodes. That's amazing. 
  • I had a bunch of stuff to do today - and got home in plenty of time to get it done. 
  • Met several amazing people that I wouldn't met otherwise. Tow truck driver, deputy,manager at Colony Tire, and the lady at Dunkin Donuts. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite . . .

During the summer, we have these little black flying bugs that appear out of no where and are attracted to any light on in the house. Well, since the temperature has been in the 90s the last few days, these bugs showed up last night in our bed room. 

Someone left the light on in the bedroom - so when we got ready to go to bed, there were probably a 100+ bugs flying around the light. In the past, if you turn out the light - the bugs leave.

Well, we turned out the light - and got in the bed. After a few minutes, Amy started swatting. She got up, turned on the light -  and our bed spread was covered with these bug! Amy freaked out! Swatting, shaking the bed spread, smacking the bugs and yelling at them. 

Being the sensitive, caring and Godly husband that I am - I laid there and laughed my head off. Needless to say . . . Amy was not amused.

The Good Stuff

The past week has been a blur of activity - but it has been the good stuff!

Friday I joined some church planters and others for dinner on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. We got to hear great stories of what God is doing in their lives and how He is impacting lives. It was great to spend time on Franklin Street and dreaming of what God can do there. On Saturday morning the group went to Big Ed's for breakfast in Downtown Raleigh, heard some more stories, and walked downtown and did some more dreaming. Great times. 

On Saturday evening our church officially entered into a Building Campaign with a Banquet at Montero's in Elizabeth City. It was a great evening of looking to the past - the present  - and the future. It is really exciting to remember what God has done in the past and dream of what He wants to do through us now and the impact that what we do now can have on people now and in the future. I still can't believe that God allows us to be involved in changing someone's forever. Wow!

Sunday morning - people encountering God through music and His Word. This is awesome - I told people to pray for the people that God has placed on their hearts to invite to Spring Fest this next week. Ask God for an opportunity to cross paths with them this week. Just got a call from a guy who told me that he 'crossed paths' with one of the folks he prayed for just a few hours after church. Wow! Also, I overhead a little girl (first time at Bagley Swamp) coming from Upstreet (Kids Worship) tell her mom -  Can we come back next week?! Yes!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated a group completing Financial Peace University - by Dave Ramsey. Financial freedom is awesome! One of Dave's financial guys was there and talked to the group. Several of the couples talked to him afterwards and one couple found out they are closer to being debt free than they thought! Wow!

Lots of great stuff on 'go' for this week. Headed to my mom & dad's later today for a meeting in High Point tomorrow with couples called into ministry - always exciting. Tomorrow night we have Class 101 - the intro class to christianity and Bagley Swamp Church. It's always fun to share about the vision of the church. This Sunday - Spring Fest. More on that to come! 

That's it for now . . .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Two Weeks

I know that I've had some pretty big things during my time of growing up, but I don't remember having two weeks like our son Kendall. In the past two weeks he's had four fairly decent accomplishments - two of which I have never accomplished, one that he surpassed me, and one that he is an amateur compared to me. 

First - Kendall got his driver's license. This is where he is an amateur. He does quite well and his brother and sister seem quite excited that 'they' can go somewhere without their parents. 

Second - Kendall got his SAT score, which he surpassed me - not too surprising. 

Third - He took a class during Spring Break and is now a certified lifeguard, certified to administer CPR and Oxygen and trained in First Aid. I've never done that. 

Fourth - Tonight he refereed three soccer games at the local Recreation Department.   I've never refereed a real game in my life. 

As a parent you always want your kids to do better that you and do some things that you didn't. I just didn't think several would happen in two weeks. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rough on Ronnie . . .

Amy and I started going to a spinning class at the YMCA back in the fall, and have been going two or three times since. One of our instructors, Dave, is a UNC graduate, and often comments on the UNC games. 

Well, today is the first class that he has taught since UNC won the championship on Monday night. Dave told me that he had some special music for today, and that I would like it. 

It just so happened that the only NC State grad in the class, Ronnie,  wore a NC State shirt today. The class starts, Dave starts the music (there's always music), and the first song is the Carolina fight song. Every song after that - country, pop, whatever - had Carolina in the lyrics somewhere. It was awesome! Ronnie took it well and acted like he was going to die each time he heard Carolina. 

That class is really fun. Not just the exercise, but the people in it, from all walks of life. Truck driver, dentist, doctor, engineer, pastor, writer, nutritionist, secretary . . . a really broad spectrum - and we have fun together. 

But today was good for the UNC folks, kind of rough on Ronnie. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Era . . .

We have entered a new era around our house. Our oldest now has his driver's license. This is a day that we have looked forward to for a long time. I think the brother and sister are just as excited. Just in time . . . Spring Break started today at the end of school. 

And yes . . . we were at the DMV first thing this morning. 

I guess it's a good thing we don't have a vehicle that can do a burnout. If we did, I'd be doing the burnouts.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A little payback . . .

Last night Amy & I had a meeting and Katherine had a soccer game. Our meeting would be getting done about the time Katherine's game started, so we had to figure out how to get her to the game ahead of time without us missing our meeting. 

Solution: brothers. 

Amy dropped Katherine and the boys at her game ahead of time and then came to our meeting. About half way through our meeting, we got a text message from one of the boys asking us to bring blankets to the game. 

After the meeting on the way to the game, we got a phone call from the boys - asking when we would be there because they were freezing. When we showed up, they were waiting to get into the van to warm up. 

Finally!  The boys now know what Katherine has been doing for years.  She has watched them play ball, in both the heat and the cold. 

It's about time they got cold watching her. A little payback . . .    

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great Sports Weekend . . .

My boys and I realized last night that this might have been our greatest sports weekend. It started on Sunday when Jeff Gordon won at Texas for the first time and snapped a 47 race win-less streak (the longest of his career). 

On Sunday night the Braves played in the first Major League game of the year against the defending World Series Champs - the Phillies. The Braves cranked out three homers in the first two innings and won 4-1. 

Last night UNC won the NCAA Championship in a dominating fashion. I've watched Carolina win their last four National Titles, and this is the first one that we've dominated the whole game and wasn't a nail bitter. Wow!

As much as we enjoyed the victories, we know that they are temporary. What do you mean, temporary?

Well, Jeff Gordon has over 20 races left in this season. In a few weeks, that win will be a distant memory. The Braves play again tonight, game 2 of 162 this season. An I've already seen a couple of people talking about next year's college basketball season. 

I enjoy sports, but also realize they are temporary. I am more focused on things that are eternal. :)  

A Little Clarification . . .

I talked to a couple of folks yesterday that thought that the new MacBook that I got was the photo that was on this blogpost. That photo was similar to the original Mac that I purchased in 1988. The photo here is of my new Mac. Just FYI. I guess some folks thought that I had gone retro. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feeling Weird

This morning at church we had Sunday School and our 11 am Worship Celebration. We didn't have our 8:30 am Worship Celebration since our Voices of Praise had a Easter Presentation. It was a great service and the group did a great job. 

I will say this, I felt weird when I got up this morning. I usually get up real early, but I didn't need to today. I woke up anyway. I didn't need to get over to office early, so I stayed around the house - read a little. I felt like I was playing hooky. As odd as it sounds, I really like having two services at church. I tend to be really drained after two services and Sunday School, but I really like it. 

So . . . I am really looking forward to this Sunday. Back to two services - and  it's Easter!!!!!

Thought This Would Never Happen . . .

Last week when the boys and I went to the race in Martinsville, we made a couple of pit stops along the way. One of our stops was at a Family Christian Store in Durham. 

The boys rolled their eyes when I said I wanted to stop there. We need a break from riding and Kendall needed a break from driving. Plus, I had a gift card. I didn't have any books that I was dying to get - so we looked around. I didn't see much and was ready to go when Kaleb pointed to a couple of books - and one caught my interest - we got it. After my gift card, I had to pay forty-six cents. Not bad. 

The book - Beyond Belief by Josh Hamilton. Josh is from the Raleigh area and has gone through a lot. He is now an all-star baseball player for the Texas Rangers. We got to see him play last year when we were in DC. 

Yesterday - at some point - both of my sons and myself were reading the book. I'm not talking about reading it out loud. The first one in the living room grabs the book and starts reading. I read the whole book yesterday. Each of the boys are about half-way. I even saw Kendall reading it today while the race was on. I thought this would never happen . . .

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Second Mac

Just got a MacBook. It came by FedEx yesterday. Really excited about it. I know several who are switching from PC to Mac. 

I bought my first Mac back in 1988. It didn't even have a hard drive. It just had a floppy drive. That first Mac cost just about the same as this MacBook. Since that first Mac, I've been with PCs. I look forward to all of the new stuff that I will be able to do with this MacBook. 

However, I don't think that it will be as 'ground breaking' as that first Mac was for me. In 1988 I was making the switch from owning a typewriter to owning a computer. That was a huge jump.  

Father/Sons Trip

Going to Nascar's Martinsville Race on Sunday was a great time with my boys. It was an overall great experience. Some of the highlights were:
  • The seats were great - just past the start/finish line. The seats had backs to them - saved our backs. 
  • The weather was fantastic - short sleeves. Even got a little sunburn. 
  • There was a huge video screen in the middle of the infield that gave all the info those watching TV see. 
  • We rented Fan View sets. A handheld video screen that allows you to see video, hear radio, TV and pit crew broadcasts. Really awesome.
  •  We actually got to park fairly close, considering how far away we saw folks parking. 
  •  The roar of the engines was incredible! Fox's Crank It Up! does not even come close. Also the smell of rubber, spent fuel and hot dogs can only be experienced at the track. It is a smell that takes me back to going to the races with my grandpa.
  • The hot dogs at the race track are awesome!
Some of the things we noticed:
  • A lot of Nascar fans are very loyal to their driver. So much so that the fan will give the 'finger' to any other driver near their driver.
  • We drank Pepsi and Mountain Dew. For those around us, it seemed that Bud Light was the beverage of choice. Luckily we didn't any spilled on us. 
  • Since it rained Friday and Saturday, the parking lots (fields) were quite muddy and slick. I did more sliding in the mud at Martinsville that I did in the snow in West Virginia.  

Most of all, it was a great time to be with my sons. As a dad, I believe that one of my chief responsibilities is to help create memories. This trip is something that we will remember for a lifetime. Looking forward to making more memories. 

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Didn't Ask For This

I wanted to pass on this post from Pastor Steven Furtick

We talk a lot about discovering your purpose.
But most of the time in Scripture, people’s purpose discovered them.
When God places His hand on you to accomplish great things through you, part of you will feel like: “Hey, I didn’t ask for all this!”

If you’re the parent of a strong willed child, a decision maker in a struggling company, or a youth pastor with little budget and no support, no doubt you’ve felt the frustration:“I didn’t ask for this!”

Mary didn’t ask for a full-term teenage pregnancy.
Noah didn’t ask for a 102,000 square foot, 43,000 ton building project upon which the preservation of the human race depended.
Moses didn’t ask for the responsibility of leading a fledgling nation of couple million ingrates through the wilderness.

God doesn’t ask your permission to fulfill His purpose through you.
You don’t get a vote, much less veto power.

You may as well give a gracious acceptance speech, and get on with it…

Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Reflections

It's been a busy week, lots of good stuff happening and lots of good stuff to look forward to for the weekend.
  • Bagley Swamp will be a host site for Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope on April 23 @ 8pm. This is going to be awesome! Check it out!
  • Had a great meeting last night with our Building Team, Consultant and an Architect. It was mainly an information gathering meeting, but I think we all walked away Pumped Up!
  • Headed out tomorrow with my boys to Winston-Salem to my mom & dad's.
  • It's a Father/Sons weekend. We've always talked about going to a Nascar race, but never had. Being a pastor, I'm usually busy on the weekends. Well, it's time to go. My oldest will be a senior in high school next year, so I don't want time to pass me by. So we are going to the Martinsville Race on Sunday. Really getting excited about it! Hoping that the rain will be leaving. It should.
  • Pastor Todd is preaching on Sunday. He going to be talking about Taking God's Name Seriously. I don't know if he is pumped up about it, but after we talked today about his message, I'm pumped!
  • I think that while boys are off, I think the girls are excited about having the house to themselves. I'm sure there less noise and most likely no sports on TV.
  • UNC plays tonight around 10. After getting up at 4:50 the last four mornings to go to the Y, I'll need to take a nap before the game.
  • Couple of milestones happening this coming week - one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. I'll let you know as they happen.
  • Speaking of milestones, Amy and I have been - how do you say it - an 'item' for 23 years now. Last Sunday was the date of our first date 23 years ago. First date: pizza and a movie. It's been awesome, babe!

Just a Toe

As I write this, March Madness is in full swing -the NCAA college basketball tournament. Every year there is a bunch of hoopla and predictions about who will be crowned the new “champs” after winning every game in the tournament.

This year, my UNC Tar Heels are predicted by some to win the championship. It seems – from previous years – that when they are predicted to win it all, they fall woefully short.

One of the main topics of conversation surrounding the Tar Heels is the condition of a certain big toe. The point guard, Ty Lawson, injured his big toe before the end of the regular season. He missed several games, the team looked very average, and the team lost in the ACC tournament.

So, the question has become – How is Lawson’s toe? And the next question is – Will he be able to play? I’ve been asked this at the YMCA, church, school – practically everywhere I have been. I’ve seen it in the newspaper, on blogs, and have gotten emails and text messages about it.

What does Ty Lawson think of all of this attention? At a news conference, he said, “It’s just a toe.” Wow! I think he realizes that when people look back at the Tar Heels, they are going to remember the team, and not his toe.

It seems in life we can get focused on a lot of things that can take us off track. Our spiritual lives can get high-jacked by a focusing on anything but Jesus. You see, it’s all about Jesus. At Bagley Swamp, we want to make Him famous.

May we connect people with God . . . and each other.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Weekend

Looking forward to the weekend . . .
  • Getting ready to head to Olive Garden with the family and some friends. Olive Garden is one of our favorites. Everyone is sure to get full of the food they like.
  • Going to spend the night on the ocean front in Virginia Beach. We have an ocean front room - cost a little more - but worth it when you don't get to the beach much.
  • I am running in the 8K (4.97 miles) Shamrock tomorrow. The race starts at 8am. There will be thousands running in it. Pray that I make it and don't get run over. Two guys from the church are running in it, too.
  • I hope Amy is feeling better. She has been sick since Sunday afternoon. This is the longest I've ever seen her sick in the 23 years I've known her. I also hope that I don't get it.
  • Going to do a little shopping tomorrow after the race. There's a couple of stores in Va. Beach that I want to check out. (Is it still called shopping if you don't buy anything?)
  • Tomorrow evening is our annual Wild Game Dinner at the church. A great, relaxing event where you get to swap stories and try all kinds of great food. Can't wait!
  • Sunday we'll be talking about {There}. Life is a journey, but it is also a destination. We all want to get someplace in life. We want to go from here to there, from where we are to some other, better place. It's a divine desire placed in our hearts by God. Sunday we are going to look at that mysterious longing in each of us to discover the {There} that propels us forward on this road called life. I guess you will have to be {There}.
  • Time to go!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Evening Thoughts

Just some thoughts:
  • Had a great weekend. I really enjoyed the team from City on a Hill Project. They are the real deal and connected well with the folks in Bagley Swamp. We can already see God's fingerprints in their story, I can't wait to see what He is going to do through them in Chapel Hill.
  • Crazy Saturday. All three kids went in different directions. Kaleb on a youth trip, Katherine to a birthday party, and Kendall took the SAT. At least Kendall will never have to take that thing again.
  • We had a great turnout for our morning worship services on Sunday, despite the miserable weather. Awesome! Way to go Bagley Swamp!
  • Headed to Durham in the morning to a pastors meeting. Looking forward to it, but have to leave around 6:30 am. Meeting at the new facilities of Can't wait.
  • Took Kaleb to the doctor this afternoon. He has strep. The doctor believes he is no longer contagious. His only complaint is that his throat is a little sore. When I've had strep, I felt horrible.
  • Started reading Killing Cockroaches by Tony Morgan of NewSpring Church. Great book on leadership.
  • Time to go to bed. Peace!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Story Comes to BSWC

I'm excited about this weekend! Matt LeRoy and Justin Simmons are sharing about the City on a Hill Project, a church plant in Chapel Hill. Can't wait!


Found this on Dustin AhKuoi's blog about my favorite fast food by one of my favorite comedians, Tim Hawkins.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Some random thoughts this evening:
  • Glad to see the Tar Heels beat Duke. It seems for the last several years the have split during the regular season. It'd be real nice to beat them again next Sunday:)
  • Loving the spring-like weather. Took a long 4-wheeler ride this evening. There is something about riding through the woods and fields and enjoying nature that recalibrates me.
  • Kinda weird though. Last week this time I was at my Mom & Dad's in Winston-Salem and the snow was starting to pile up. Last Monday I even make a snowman. Today, shorts and had to make my daughter put on shoes.
  • Real excited for my friends at They are moving to their new campus this Sunday! Check out their new facilities.
  • My plans are to work on taxes tomorrow. Yeah! Not.
  • Grilled out and played Corn Hole last night. The best thing about this time of the year with warm weather is . . . no bugs. I have a feeling that they will be out in full force soon.
  • I need to do some running. I've signed up to run in the 8K on Saturday, March 21. ( I've been going to the Y, taking a cycling class and doing aerobic machines. I just haven't run on the road in quite a while. I should be OK, but need to make sure.
  • What's the deal with this World Baseball Classic? I don't remember this in years past. Is it new?
  • Saw where the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic in that World Baseball Classic yesterday. The DR had 23 Major League players on it (with $83 million in salaries) and the Netherlands had 2 Major League players on it (with $400,000 in salaries). Go figure?
  • ACC Tournament is the coming weekend. Looking for to it. Too bad it's in Atlanta.
  • Looking forward to next Sunday! Some great things planned. Stay tuned.
  • Coffee grinder just broke. Getting a new one is at the top of the "To Do" list for tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Cold

I’m like a lot of you, I’ve had a cold recently. I’m not talking about a stuffy nose, I’m talking about a clogged-up head. I was taking medicine just so I could get to the point where I had a stuffy nose.

My usual approach to colds and such is to plow on through until I can go any longer. This time, I tried a different approach. When I felt medium sick, I decided to cut back. That doesn’t mean I went and laid in the bed. I just changed my routine. I wasn’t out and about as much. I spent more time reading and doing research.

It reminded me that I need to take time to change the routine every once in a while. I need to set aside some time where I can read, reflect, refocus and recharge. I have known this, but haven’t done it as often as I have needed.

I now know that I need to plan this time, and make it just as much a priority as any other appointment. I have found that I need to be intentional in my life. I will not float along in life and find myself in great physical shape. That is why I must be intentional with my exercise – that’s why I go to the YMCA every morning.

I also have to be intentional in my spiritual life. That is why I set aside time each day to read the Word and to pray. I also need to be intentional about changing my routine so I can read, reflect, refocus and recharge.

When was the last time you spent some time doing that? I know. You’re too busy. You need to make the time, or you may find yourself in bad shape.

You see, you have to make time to make sure you are connecting with God­ . . . and if you are not well, you will not be able to connect with each other. That’s what true life is all about.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts

Sitting in the basement of my Mom & Dad's - here are some thoughts this morning:

I like snow. Growing up in the south, snow represents: a day out of school, playing outside, fun, snow cream, and all things good. Rarely have I had to shovel much snow (except when I lived in KY) because it's gone in a day or two.

  • My drive to Mom & Dad's yesterday was quite nasty. It rained the whole way. Everything was either brown or grey. However, this morning, everything is white. Snow makes everything beautiful. Reminds me of God's grace.
  • Going to try to find a sled.

  • Great worship yesterday @ Bagley Swamp! It was great to see the crowd that gathered to worship - especially as nasty as it was. Awesome!

  • Planning on working on Mom & Dad's taxes today. Shouldn't be too bad. I think the sledding will be the reward for getting it done, so I should start soon.

  • Looking forward to this Sunday . . . finishing up the series You Don't Have What It Takes. This series has been fun, but very truthful about where we live. Lots of folks connecting with God in a real way!

  • Maybe I can sneak Dad's truck out and do some doughnuts. Probably won't happen. He's got a pretty keen eye.

  • Hoping to get out to Confluence Coffee today. It is a coffee house that is owned and operated by a church. Hope it's open.

Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Easier . . .

Found this at Revitalize Your Church:

It is easier to fix the blame than to fix the problem.
It is easier to make excuses than to make progress.
It is easier to duck responsibility than to take it.
It is easer to find fault than to appreciate good qualities.
It is easier to daydream than it is to pursue a dream.
It is easier to rock the boat than to row it.
It is easier to worry than to pray.
It is easer to put off a chore than to tackle it.
It is easer to blame society than to improve it.
It is easier to be self-serving than to be self-sacrificing.
It is easier to critique from the stands than to play on the field.
It is easier to spend money than to save it.
It is easier to waste time than to invest it.
It is easier to watch the news than to make it.
It is easier to follow the familiar path than to blaze a new trail.
It is easier to complain than to cheer.
It is easier to condemn than to bless.
It is easier to reprimand than to encourage.
It is easier to argue than to understand.
It is easier to talk than to listen.
It is easier to gossip than to praise.
It is easier to walk by sight than by faith.
It’s easier to ride the wagon than to push it.
It’s easier to be a victim than to be victorious.
It is easier to fail than to succeed.

The rewards of life come with price tags called hard work and commitment. Those to follow the path of least resistance will inherit the wind.

You’ll know when you’re on the right road – because it’s UPHILL all the way!

Rise to the challenge, and in the end, you will find sweet victory.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Reflections

Just some random thoughts from this weekend:
  • Got stuffed at IHOP on Friday night. I got rather embarrassed by my teenage boys (ages 16 & 14). They got all-you-can-eat pancakes and couldn't even eat the first round. Dang!
  • The ApologetiX concert on Friday was good. They take popular songs and make parodies of them and put Christian lyrics to them. So . . . I got to hear some of my favorite 80s tunes really loud!
  • Our Angel Food distribution on Saturday morning turned out real good! It was cool to see an 18-wheeler at our Fellowship Hall ready to unload. We were able to help over 300 folks cut their food bill in half. That's awesome!
  • We went to Norfolk Naval Base for an Eagle Scout Recognition Luncheon for our son, Kaleb. It was pretty cool to meet some pilots and tour some of the aircraft. At the luncheon, we were assign tables, and we were assigned to table 3. When we get to table 3, I recognize that one of the folks sitting there was someone that I should know. It turns out that we were sitting with MC, LaSalle Blanks of WVEC-TV 13 in Norfolk. Also sitting with us was the guest speaker, Major Schweiss from the US Army. She just returned from six months in Bagdad. Lots of great stories around the lunch table.
  • Probably the most unusual fact learned about LaSalle Blanks is that he plays in a kickball league. Never heard of it. Apparently is pretty big in some places. In fact his team won the 2008 World Adult Kickball Championship in Las Vegas. Who knew?
  • Great day at church today! Today we focused on the idea that You Can't Please Everyone. Basically, we tend to be people pleasers and think more of what people think than what God thinks. It seems that several wanted God to be bigger and what others think - smaller in their life. Awesome!
  • Went to Andy's today for lunch after church. New little tradition for us. We've been there the last several weeks. Not real healthy - but awesome in taste! We tend to laugh a lot while we are there. Today was no different.
  • Getting pumped about the possibilities of new facilities. Our Campaign Team is working hard, we'll begin to see some things before long.
  • Stinking tired of this cold. I've had it for over week. It's a little better but much. Didn't go to the YMCA at all last week, trying to rest and get over the cold. After prayer time in the morning with the fellas, I'm going to hit the Y hard.
  • Kaleb starts Driver's Ed this week. Kendall gets his license in a little over a month. Anyone want to contribute to the Spaugh Insurance Fund?
  • Big week coming up. Lots of things to get done. Lots of funs to do. Can't wait!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just got started on Facebook. Don't know why I haven't done this before. Already reconnected with High School and College friends. Check it out!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of them days . . .

I have not felt well since Sunday evening, some kind of bad head cold thing. Usually I shake these colds, but this one wants to hang on. At times today, I have felt real bad.

But right now, I feel awesome! I just found out that our February order for Angel Food is 435 boxes! That's great, but not the best part. We just got confirmation that Angel Food Ministries will send the food to us - in Bagley Swamp! We are now a direct ship location! We no longer have to go to Portsmouth, VA at 3 am to pick up the food. It will be at our church at 6am! Can you say Awesome!

Also on a high note, just spent an hour or so meeting about our Compassion Ministries. We are looking to start a ministry in our county where we do small home repair and the like. We have done this type of thing when we have gone on mission trips, but it is now time to bring it home. So . . . that's what we are going to do. I'm pumped about the possibilities with this! More news coming soon!

Needless to say, my cold is not any better, but I'm feeling better!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Angel Food

Just found out that we have close to 400 orders of Angel Food for the February order. Wow! That's a lot of food. This is what amazes me - this is only our fourth month and last month we had around 200 orders. This is awesome! Impacting people with a felt need.

A huge WHOO-HOO! to the Angel Food Team and all of the work that they have been putting in. Be praying for Saturday as the food is picked up - for smoothness in getting the food - and that connections are make for the Kingdom.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Just wanted to pass along something that I have found to be benefitical. I have been reading more this year, so I've decided to do something a little different with my time in the Bible. I have been listening to the Daily Audio Bible on podcast each day. I have read through the Bible in a year several times, so this year I am listening my way through the Bible.

Check it out at I have subscribed to the daily podcast through iTunes, so I automatically get it everyday.

Friday, February 13, 2009

God's Dawg

Found this at Revitalize Your Church and thought I'd share it with you.

The Newbie

Back in August 2008, Amy and I joined the YMCA. We have enjoyed our membership and usually go to the Y each weekday morning and workout before work. I usually work out with weights and do a lot of the cardiovascular machines.

In November of 2008 we got real brave and decided to take a spinning (cycling) class. One of the guys that I have gotten to know began taking the class and suggested that we try it. He said that it was hard, but that it would really help us get in shape.

Amy had tried the class earlier at a different Y and said that she felt like she was going to pass out. That wasn’t too encouraging, but I had to try it.

Here are the basics of the class: There is an instructor that leads the class. The class lasts 45 minutes and it involves peddling the whole time on a stationary bicycle, sometimes standing up, sometimes sitting down. The resistance on bike changes according to the instructor’s instructions, making a quite difficult workout.

So, we show up and the instructor has to help us adjust the bikes for our size. Then he gives us a few pointers, and then we start. It’s pretty obvious that we don’t know what we are doing. We’re looking around, trying to follow what everyone else is doing, trying to not look out of place. There are times that we have to sit back in the saddle (seat) when everyone else is still up because it hurts too bad. We endure it, and make it through the class without passing out.

Since that day in November, Amy and I have been regulars in the early morning spinning class. It is usually the same group of people, and we’ve gotten to know each other. In fact, we all know “whose bike is whose” since we tend to go to the same bike each time. We continue stories from the previous class, as well as push each other during the workout. It’s a good group of people.

Well, just a few days ago, a new person came to class that had never been to a spinning class before. He had to be taught how to adjust the bike, how to get on, and all of the basics. He didn’t know when to get out of the saddle, and couldn’t do it for long at all. In fact, several times the instructor seemed to ease up on the work out so the newbie could make it and not pass out. And to top it all off, the newbie had taken a bike of one of the regulars.

So what do you think the response of the regulars was to the newbie? I mean, the newbie cost someone their regular bike, the routine of the class was messed up, the workout was less to make allowance for him. The entire class – encouraged him! One person offered their seat pad (the bike seats are hard!). Those around him offered pointers on technique to make spinning easier. Everyone clapped and congratulated him when the class was over!

As the Body of Christ, we need to “work out” ourselves, but always keeping the eye out for the newbie in the journey of following Christ and encourage. We need to make sure that we are not in our “own little group” and ignore the person who is trying to figure it all out. We all were new once. In fact, we need to be inviting our friends and family to embark on the journey of following Christ. May we connect with God . . . and each other.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 Great Reads

As Valentine's Day approaches, I'd like to recommend three excellent books on the Marriage Relationship:

1) Love As A Way of Life Devotional, by Dr. Gary Chapman (author of the Five Love Languages), is a heartwarming spiritual guide for couples. This 90-day journey is a great way for couples to begin the habit of sharing a few moments of spiritual reflection together in a non-threatening way. It shows how to be a loving person -- full of kindness, patience, forgiveness, courtesy, humility, generosity and honesty.

2) Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs tell their amazing story of brokenness and redemption in I Do Again. Their marriage was broken beyond repair. Too much damage had been done. Yet, through spiritual renewal, they found their way back to each other. Conflicted couples ought to read it.

3) For Couples Only: Eye Opening Insights on How the Opposite Sex Thinks by Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn, is really a two-book combo. The first book is For Men Only and the second is For Women Only. These books give practical, down to earth advice for keeping the spark of love glowing in your relationship! (No wonder they've sold over a million!!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back in Bagley Swamp

We arrived in Bagley Swamp this afternoon just before 3:30. The ride home was rather uneventful, and we make our usual stop at a Chick-fil-a. We never seem to stop at the same one, and it always seems to be an adventure to find one close to the interstate at lunch time.

We are grateful for what God has done in us and through us this past week. We look forward to what God has in store for us as we continue in the Wild Goose Chase. BTW, we conclude that series tomorrow - it's been great! Can't wait!