Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Big Day as Parents

Wednesday will be a big day for Amy and I as parents. It will be even a bigger day for our son, Kendall. 

Kendall will catch a flight in Norfolk, fly to Dallas, and then fly on to Colorado Springs. He will be participating in one of three Summer Seminars at the Air Force Academy

So, several 'firsts' will be happening for both parents and son over the next several days. First flights on commercial plane, being so far away from home, going to a military camp, being in the mountains (7250 ft. elevation compared to about 3 ft. elevation here), and doing all of this with no one that he knows. 

There are two ways (maybe more) to approach this. One way: all of this is new, unknown, and scary. Just try to make it through it. OR another way: all of this is new, unknown, and exciting. It's an adventure and let's see what's out there. 

Hopefully Kendall, Amy and I will have the second approach. 

BTW, he hasn't signed with the Air Force or anything like that. This is a fancy "look-see" with a lot of adventure involved. He is really interested in engineering and will be taking several seminars while 'out there'.  

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Matt Guthrie said...

Wow! Very cool and very scary. Tell Kendall to have a great time.