Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This year Amy and I have been listening to the Daily Audio Bible podcast each and every day. We're listening through the Bible in a year. I have really enjoyed hearing the Word. Today we started in on Acts and are in the middle of 2 Samuel in the OT. 

Sometimes we listen together on the way to the YMCA for our early morning workout, and on days we don't ride together we listen separately. 

This morning we were listening on our way home from taking Kendall to the airport and I was excited because we were in the middle of the exploits of David in 2 Samuel. I love the action and adventure. I was just about to share those thoughts with Amy when she said, "I've had a hard time following what's happening in 2 Samuel." What?

I guess that is one of the ways that we are made different. It is why I have to tell her what I'm thinking instead of assuming she knows. Also, I need to remember everyone doesn't think like I do. (However, the world would be a better place . . . )

So, whatever you think of this post, someone else probably has the exact opposite opinion. 

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