Tuesday, June 2, 2009


One of our favorite things to do as a family is to play in the water. We love to swim and go boating on the river. As most people are, I am a creature of habit in that I enjoy doing the same things that I’ve done before.

However, over the last few summers, I have endeavored to learn a few new things to do while being pulled behind a boat in the river. I’ve learned to slalom ski (ski on one), wake board (not very good), and knee board.

Now for each of these, it was a tough deal for me to learn how to get up and stay on top of the water - much less look good doing it. So, this past Memorial Day, I decided that I wanted to learn to do a trick while knee boarding. Tricks usually mean pain for me. But, I was tired of doing the same ’ol thing. I wanted to do a 360 (turn all the way around). So, I’d try - and bust it. Try again, same result. I don't know how many times I tried, but each time I felt like I was getting closer.

Then came the moment of glory. I finally made it. It wasn't pretty, but those in the boat clapped and cheered for me. Here’s the crazy thing. I then proceeded to do the 360 trick seven more times without falling. It seems that once I did it, I then knew how. I finally had to let go because I was worn out.

That reminds me of the following God. Several times we fall, but we need to keep getting back up. That’s what Abraham, Moses, and David did. They weren’t perfect from the get go. Pretty far from it. They just kept getting back up and trying again. Each time they learned a little bit. Made some adjustments, and went at it again.

We need to do the same as we follow Christ. Here’s the cool part - Jesus will help us. We just have to ask. He won’t laugh at you like the folks did watching me bust it on the river. He’s pulling for you. Don’t be content with the same ‘ol. Seek to know Jesus better today than you did yesterday. May we connect people with God . . . and each other.

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