Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Fishin'

The kids and I went fishing this evening at a little pond near our house. We've fished there many times, but with little success. This evening was different.

Katherine had caught two fish, and Kendall one, before I ever got my pole in the water. We ended up catching over twenty fish in a short period of time. We  started off catching catfish and finished by catching mostly bream. Katherine caught two rather large catfish, requiring her brothers to help her haul them in. Kendall is now the family expert on getting catfish off the hook. 

The weather was perfect. A little overcast with enough breeze to keep the insects away. What an enjoyable evening! 


Matt Guthrie said...

cool. I plan on wetting some hooks next week, maybe even this weekend @ Scout camp.

Anonymous said...

what a big fish!!!
Way to go girl!!!