Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mid-Week Reflections

I can't believe that it is Wednesday already. It seems that this week is moving along fairly fast. Here are some thoughts:
  • Watching the Carolina Hurricanes right now. The 'Caines just scored two goals in a matter of a minute. Our family has watched a total of about 10 minutes all year and saw the 'Caines score two in the final two minutes in game 7 of the last series. 
  • Our Spring Fest on Sunday at church was incredible. Our volunteers were tremendous! We had tons of guests - out largest crowd ever for anything at Bagley Swamp! We ran out of food - the first time that has ever happened!
  • The forecast was for 70% chance of rain - we only had a 3 minute shower that cooled things for us :-)
  • I've had conversations every day this week with folks that are moving forward in their relationship with Jesus! That is awesome!
  • Our youth group had new teens on Sunday night and today at an after school hang out. Wow!
  • Excited about Todd (our youth pastor) getting away with other youth pastors tomorrow and Friday in Charlotte! 
  • Yesterday and today we finally got some much needed rain! Enough to wash some of the dirt off of our car - but not hard enough to make it look clean. 
  • Might the Braves win one tonight?
  • Going to try to get to bed early tonight!  

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Anonymous said...

That 3 minute rain shower was just God reminding us of the power of prayer and to make sure and remember He answers prayer! (for what? 4 yrs. in a row now?)AWESOME! Hope you have a good week!