Saturday, May 2, 2009

Latest Adventure

Last night the family and I traveled to see the Carolina Mudcats play in Zebulon, NC (2.5 hour drive). They are the AA affiliate for the Reds. We hadn't been there in years, and the place had really changed. The real reason for going was to surprise a friend for his 40th birthday. Another family joined us and we had a great time together. 

The game started late since it had rained, so we left before the game was over to get back home. That's when the real adventure began. We had been on the road for about 30 minutes when I noticed that the interior lights began to dim. That's not good. Then the headlights went out. Then on, then out. We pull over. We're in a van that won't move at 11pm. 

We call a tow truck to come get us. Meanwhile, a deputy stops to help. The tow truck shows up and tows us 6 miles back to Rocky Mount. The deputy gives Amy and kids a ride and we drop the van off at Colony Tire and then to the Red Roof Inn. 

We get a 'smoking room' since that is all they have left. We check in - the only time I've ever checked into a hotel with no luggage - no nothing. 

I get up at 6:45 am and walk to Colony Tire and the manager drives up right when I get there. I tell him of my situation, so he will get the van in as soon as his tech guys come in. A little while later, they diagnose that the alternator needs replacing. I go back to hotel to shower and we're on the road by 10 and home by 12 noon. 

Several amazing things:
  • We broke down near a town instead of the middle of nowhere. 
  • The deputy gave the family a ride. It really would have been a hoot to see everyone in the van on the tow truck.
  • I slept with my contacts in for the first time in my life and they were not glued to my eyes when I woke up.  (I can doze for 10 minutes and they usually stick to my eyes.)
  • I have sleep apnea and did not have my machine. The family did not hear me snoring or having any apnea episodes. That's amazing. 
  • I had a bunch of stuff to do today - and got home in plenty of time to get it done. 
  • Met several amazing people that I wouldn't met otherwise. Tow truck driver, deputy,manager at Colony Tire, and the lady at Dunkin Donuts. 


Matt Guthrie said...

Dude, I feel awful. Now I REALLLLY appreciate you coming.

Anonymous said...

God is good!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes there's a blessing off of the beaten path. (-:

James Spaugh said...

Don't worry, Matt! We're already laughing and realize we can't control everything.