Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of them days . . .

I have not felt well since Sunday evening, some kind of bad head cold thing. Usually I shake these colds, but this one wants to hang on. At times today, I have felt real bad.

But right now, I feel awesome! I just found out that our February order for Angel Food is 435 boxes! That's great, but not the best part. We just got confirmation that Angel Food Ministries will send the food to us - in Bagley Swamp! We are now a direct ship location! We no longer have to go to Portsmouth, VA at 3 am to pick up the food. It will be at our church at 6am! Can you say Awesome!

Also on a high note, just spent an hour or so meeting about our Compassion Ministries. We are looking to start a ministry in our county where we do small home repair and the like. We have done this type of thing when we have gone on mission trips, but it is now time to bring it home. So . . . that's what we are going to do. I'm pumped about the possibilities with this! More news coming soon!

Needless to say, my cold is not any better, but I'm feeling better!

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Anonymous said...

I'm saying it! Awesome! Sorry you have been feeling bad! Hope you are feeling better soon! I felt better after also getting a call about receiving our own truck! I could only listen as I have no voice to talk back...*sigh*...but it was very loud screaming in my head! You don't think maybe your crazy sick secretary passed on the bug to everyone last week? Sorry!
Thanks for all you do PJ...listening, counseling, and giving gentle corrections to those in your congregation! And your sermons aren't too bad either! LOL