Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Evening In Richwood

We made it to Richwood around 4:40pm today. We have gotten unloaded, unpacked and settled in. We have even checked on a couple of jobs that we can start on tomorrow. It looks like tomorrow we will be checking on a plumbing project (pipes had frozen), a painting project, and some work over at a church in Burnsville (about 25 minutes away). We will be able to get some work done and also be able to assess what else needs to be done.

It seems that people here are still on hard times. The hospital closed in May, with over 100 people losing their jobs. However, the place next to where we are staying (an old Pizza Hut) is remodeling and going to open in a few weeks, so who knows.

We are safely here, and looking forward to what God has in store for us and the people we meet. As you probably expect, still no mobile phone service for any of us. More tomorrow.

Oh yeah, we are watching the Super Bowl. Taking a half-time break.

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Anonymous said...

hey!!!! tell my mom & dad we miss them! :)

~Breanna & family