Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Evening in Richwood

Today we got started on some projects. William, Troy, Belinda & Veronica painted the ceiling in three rooms for Water Demptsy here in Richwood. They were finished by noon. Mr. Demptsy had retired from Ford in Ohio, but moved back to his native Richwood to be near family. After lunch they went to help move food and clothing at a nearby church to a different building so the food would not freeze. They were able to finish fairly quick and were the first done for the day.

Edward and I went to Ms. Helen Sears' home, on the hill across from the pantry. Her pipes had burst a while back, and her son-in-law and her fixed where she had water in the house, but had capped the lines to her shower, toilet and sink in her bathroom because there was a significant leak. We ended up having to cut into her bathroom floor since the house was only off the ground about 6 inches under the bathroom. We were able to get water back to her toliet and sink. She said not to worry about the shower since she uses the tub. We insulated the pipes under the house and Ed will go back to replace the sink faucet tomorrow.

The rest of the crew went to work on a church in Burnsville and Pastor Rodney Jamison met them there. We didn't know how far it was away until they went there - 1.5 hours away. They worked on boarding up some windows and installing dead bolt locks(to prevent further break-ins). They also removed the linoleum in the large meeting room and replaced it with some type of carpet squares. The also got some baseboard heating for that room. This crew finished up a little after 6 and hasn't returned yet. Pray for their safe return.

We had snow in Richwood today, enough to get everything white and the back roads a little slick. No snow, but some drizzle in Burnsville. The forecast here suggests that Richwood will get between 6-12 inches of snow between now and Wednesday. We would like to see some, but would still like to be able to do work.

We already have seen God at work. Pray that we will be used by Him.


Justin said...

Sounds like you are taking good care of my people :) Really, it's awesome to track with you guys. Burnsville is only about 25 minutes from where Jeanine and I went to college in Glenville. Keep up the good work. Praying for you and your team!


Anonymous said...

Miss you all! The little Jackson's are fine at home. We're getting ready to head off to school.
Love you MOM & DAD, Lindsey & Breanna

Anonymous said...

We miss you! Lori, Christopher, Holly & Jessica