Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Reflections

Just some random thoughts from this weekend:
  • Got stuffed at IHOP on Friday night. I got rather embarrassed by my teenage boys (ages 16 & 14). They got all-you-can-eat pancakes and couldn't even eat the first round. Dang!
  • The ApologetiX concert on Friday was good. They take popular songs and make parodies of them and put Christian lyrics to them. So . . . I got to hear some of my favorite 80s tunes really loud!
  • Our Angel Food distribution on Saturday morning turned out real good! It was cool to see an 18-wheeler at our Fellowship Hall ready to unload. We were able to help over 300 folks cut their food bill in half. That's awesome!
  • We went to Norfolk Naval Base for an Eagle Scout Recognition Luncheon for our son, Kaleb. It was pretty cool to meet some pilots and tour some of the aircraft. At the luncheon, we were assign tables, and we were assigned to table 3. When we get to table 3, I recognize that one of the folks sitting there was someone that I should know. It turns out that we were sitting with MC, LaSalle Blanks of WVEC-TV 13 in Norfolk. Also sitting with us was the guest speaker, Major Schweiss from the US Army. She just returned from six months in Bagdad. Lots of great stories around the lunch table.
  • Probably the most unusual fact learned about LaSalle Blanks is that he plays in a kickball league. Never heard of it. Apparently is pretty big in some places. In fact his team won the 2008 World Adult Kickball Championship in Las Vegas. Who knew?
  • Great day at church today! Today we focused on the idea that You Can't Please Everyone. Basically, we tend to be people pleasers and think more of what people think than what God thinks. It seems that several wanted God to be bigger and what others think - smaller in their life. Awesome!
  • Went to Andy's today for lunch after church. New little tradition for us. We've been there the last several weeks. Not real healthy - but awesome in taste! We tend to laugh a lot while we are there. Today was no different.
  • Getting pumped about the possibilities of new facilities. Our Campaign Team is working hard, we'll begin to see some things before long.
  • Stinking tired of this cold. I've had it for over week. It's a little better but much. Didn't go to the YMCA at all last week, trying to rest and get over the cold. After prayer time in the morning with the fellas, I'm going to hit the Y hard.
  • Kaleb starts Driver's Ed this week. Kendall gets his license in a little over a month. Anyone want to contribute to the Spaugh Insurance Fund?
  • Big week coming up. Lots of things to get done. Lots of funs to do. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Lots of things to get done...I'm sure. Fun? Awww...are you renting me and Todd a pony? WOW I can't wait to get to work tomorrow!
Thanks James!