Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Afternoon in Richwood

Today is still cold. The temp right now is 15. The same crew that went to Craigsville yesterday went back today. Edward, Todd, Craig and William have gone over to Faith UMC to finish installing a new door to the basement. We went over this morning and removed the old door that was damaged by someone who broke into the church.

It seems that we have heard over and over of many places that have been broken into. The skating rink that we went to in a previous trip has "Already broken into - everything stolen" spray painted on the door. We have also heard of how bad the drug problem is here. I don't know if it is just who we are talking to - but it seems pretty bad.

This afternoon the crew in Richwood plans to head to Craigsville to meet up with the crew at Frank's place. We are going to check out what they have been working on. Then we are headed to Summersville and go out to eat. We look forward to this outing together.

We are trying to contact the owner of the skating rink to see if we can get it open for Friday night. If we can, we would like to do some type of event for the teens in the community. Be praying that we will have the opportunity to interact with the community at large though something like this.


Anonymous said...

Will be praying about Friday night. I'm sure you have made a big impact already but letting the young crowd know they aren't being left out would be a nice ending to what seems to be a very productive week. Seems like they are in a desperate way there and I am thinking how good life is here in ol' Puzzletown.
Looking forward to having everyone home,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all have been very productive. Will be praying for Friday night to be a blessing as you show the LOVE of Christ.


Do hope you carried plenty of warm clothes!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home. We will all be excited to see you back. Rest well and see you Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a picture on Facebook of Craig Ascue in front of the Craigsville, WV post office. That is the town where my husband, Dail, has been working for over the past year. I don't know how much longer you all are going to be up there, but it would be great if you could somehow connect with each other. If you get this in time before you leave, please contact me at and maybe I can connect you all and Dail. That would be a great boost to him.
Donna Harris