Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Evening In Richwood

First of all, my friends Matt LeRoy and Justin Simmons are having their initial public Bible study as a church plant in Chapel Hill. They are meeting in a restaurant on Franklin Street. Pray for the City on a Hill Project as they meet at 7pm.

Today we woke to snow falling and pretty scenery. We had to make sure we could get around, so we got a little later start. Lewis, Jeff, Chris, Wade and Troy went to Craigsville to continue on a project started by others at Frank's house. Their work involved installing plywood on the interior of a room connecting the house to a garage. The folks there fed them lunch and they had a great time. They plan to return tomorrow to put on some vinyl siding and some electrical work. Apparently they went on a Wild Goose Chase on their way over, getting lost and turning on roads that seem to take them off road. They finally made it.

Edward, Annie, and Todd went to Ms. Helen Sears (from yesterday) today to install a new sink faucet and finish some installation. They were done by lunch.

The rest of the crowd were around the pantry and town getting to know more folks. After lunch we all (minus the Craigsville crew) went to the Faith UMC parsonage to tear out some flooring in the basement and some light plumbing work. Belinda and Veronica get the MVP award since they hauled most of the flooring down to the street level (up and down 40 steps for each load).

We are all back at the pantry now and enjoying spaghetti for supper. We anticipate a lot of snow by morning. We have seen God working in our lives and in the lives of the folks that we have met. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Great job everyone. Enjoy the snow, we've been forecasted to get a little here??? Don't work Belinda too hard. Bless you all, we are looking foward to your safe return.

Anonymous said...

hey! miss yall! hope youre having fun! LOVE YA! :)

~Breanna & family

Anonymous said...

It snowed on Franklin Street for us tonight! Wish we were getting as much as you guys. Great night on the Hill. 15 people came out and it was just an all around great way to start. Look forward to sharing more when you get back.
Sounds like things are going well in Richwood. You are on the banks of one of my favorite whitewater streams on the planet. The Cherry River. It runs from right there in Richwood down to where it meets the Gauley River. Special place, man. Love you guys, and lifting up team Bagley in prayer!


Anonymous said...

Veronica, still feeling excited? Ha Ha
Hey everybody!
Snow here was beautiful...played with Chris in it before coming to work...yes I could still make it to the church office *sigh* :)
Tell Craig that Jessica is doing a bang up job babysitting Holly & they are having too much fun.
Jess came to office this morning (no school & Holly had to go to work) with her hair dyed a most beautiful shade of burnt orange. Beats the blue, green & purple(last month's flavas of the week)
Sounds like you are doing loads of good again this year! Quiet here in the office right now. Had some Angel Food traffic yesterday and we'll see what today brings. Miss you guys being here in the office! Music is turned up and work is going on as usual though! Stay warm!