Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Evening in Richwood

Today was cold with the high around 17. It seemed to snow almost all day with the snow about 6 to 8 inches covering the ground. It is still snowing now.

A crew of Lewis, Jeff, Wade, Chris and John went back to Frank’s in Craigsville. They were able to work inside. The moved a gas heater into the new room they were working on. They also installed some new outlets, a new light, and added in a new door to the room. Some great conversations were had with Frank and Jane, and God seems to be working in their lives and in the lives of the crew.

The rest of the crew was at the pantry today. We installed some new fans and did some painting and touching up to make the place look and feel better. Most of the work around the pantry was done by the middle of the afternoon – so some card playing took place.

Just before dark, myself, Todd, Craig, Christy, Edward, Troy and Belinda went sledding. We bought some cheap plastic sledding “disks”. The first place we went was rather steep – we had fun, but some will be sore. We then walked around town trying different places to sled. It was fun to get out together – and I guess it was rather obvious that we were from out of town – we were the only ones out playing in the snow. BTW, only one sledding disk made it back in one piece.

God is doing some great things and we having a blast. In fact, I hear a lot of laughter from down the hall – I’m missing out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for my birthday call. I hope Troy is mending. Have fun.
Love you all

Anonymous said...

hope daddy (troy) gets better i heard he crashed in2 a tree sledding! LOL! ;)

love ya,

& family