Friday, April 10, 2009

Rough on Ronnie . . .

Amy and I started going to a spinning class at the YMCA back in the fall, and have been going two or three times since. One of our instructors, Dave, is a UNC graduate, and often comments on the UNC games. 

Well, today is the first class that he has taught since UNC won the championship on Monday night. Dave told me that he had some special music for today, and that I would like it. 

It just so happened that the only NC State grad in the class, Ronnie,  wore a NC State shirt today. The class starts, Dave starts the music (there's always music), and the first song is the Carolina fight song. Every song after that - country, pop, whatever - had Carolina in the lyrics somewhere. It was awesome! Ronnie took it well and acted like he was going to die each time he heard Carolina. 

That class is really fun. Not just the exercise, but the people in it, from all walks of life. Truck driver, dentist, doctor, engineer, pastor, writer, nutritionist, secretary . . . a really broad spectrum - and we have fun together. 

But today was good for the UNC folks, kind of rough on Ronnie. 

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