Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Two Weeks

I know that I've had some pretty big things during my time of growing up, but I don't remember having two weeks like our son Kendall. In the past two weeks he's had four fairly decent accomplishments - two of which I have never accomplished, one that he surpassed me, and one that he is an amateur compared to me. 

First - Kendall got his driver's license. This is where he is an amateur. He does quite well and his brother and sister seem quite excited that 'they' can go somewhere without their parents. 

Second - Kendall got his SAT score, which he surpassed me - not too surprising. 

Third - He took a class during Spring Break and is now a certified lifeguard, certified to administer CPR and Oxygen and trained in First Aid. I've never done that. 

Fourth - Tonight he refereed three soccer games at the local Recreation Department.   I've never refereed a real game in my life. 

As a parent you always want your kids to do better that you and do some things that you didn't. I just didn't think several would happen in two weeks. 

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