Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feeling Weird

This morning at church we had Sunday School and our 11 am Worship Celebration. We didn't have our 8:30 am Worship Celebration since our Voices of Praise had a Easter Presentation. It was a great service and the group did a great job. 

I will say this, I felt weird when I got up this morning. I usually get up real early, but I didn't need to today. I woke up anyway. I didn't need to get over to office early, so I stayed around the house - read a little. I felt like I was playing hooky. As odd as it sounds, I really like having two services at church. I tend to be really drained after two services and Sunday School, but I really like it. 

So . . . I am really looking forward to this Sunday. Back to two services - and  it's Easter!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It was wierd enough that I slept through what would have been first service and Sunday School too! Talk about playing hooky! LOL

Pastor Al said...

Hey Pastor James...

Are you giving me the 'two-service' dare?? You were mighty couragious sitting next to Benji during our Pastor's Gathering. I am glad that you translated expectations for the rest of us. Pastor Benji is larger than life sometimes.

You looked pretty cool up there too.