Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great Sports Weekend . . .

My boys and I realized last night that this might have been our greatest sports weekend. It started on Sunday when Jeff Gordon won at Texas for the first time and snapped a 47 race win-less streak (the longest of his career). 

On Sunday night the Braves played in the first Major League game of the year against the defending World Series Champs - the Phillies. The Braves cranked out three homers in the first two innings and won 4-1. 

Last night UNC won the NCAA Championship in a dominating fashion. I've watched Carolina win their last four National Titles, and this is the first one that we've dominated the whole game and wasn't a nail bitter. Wow!

As much as we enjoyed the victories, we know that they are temporary. What do you mean, temporary?

Well, Jeff Gordon has over 20 races left in this season. In a few weeks, that win will be a distant memory. The Braves play again tonight, game 2 of 162 this season. An I've already seen a couple of people talking about next year's college basketball season. 

I enjoy sports, but also realize they are temporary. I am more focused on things that are eternal. :)  

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