Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Clean

Our van was filthy. It seemed like it has been raining for months. Our driveway was a mess. Mud holes and mud left a brown haze on our van and little incentive to wash it. We could wash it, have it spotless, and drive on our driveway once and be back where we started.

So, while we were visiting family after Christmas, I decided to take the van and go through one of the 'spotless' car washes. Kaleb went with me and we picked an 'Auto Spa'. The lines were long for two-bay automated wash. We waited patiently and even calculated that the 'super wash' lasted 7 minutes. That's what we were getting.

We were in luck. The 'super wash' was only $6, $2 off. Cool. We spend out 7 minutes getting sprayed on, soaked, rinsed, clear coat protected and a bunch of other stuff. Finally, we're done and clean.

We were home admiring how clean was when Kaleb says, "I've never noticed that before." What?

One of the wheel covers was missing. Dang! Must have come off in the car wash. So we went back to get it.

There was still a line at the car wash. Luckily, when we arrived, the car in the bay we used was leaving. I ran up to the car waiting to enter and asked if I could look for my wheel cover. Sure!

Kaleb and I ran in quickly to see if we could find the wheel cover. Not seeing it, I was on my way out when the laser sensor detected me and assumed I was the next car and proceeded to blast me!

The half second I was in there was enough to soak me! I mean, soaked to the bone. When I ran around to the car wash exit, I found my wheel cover.

Kaleb didn't get a drop on him, but he did have a big smile on his face.

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