Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Evening Thoughts

Some random thoughts this evening:
  • Glad to see the Tar Heels beat Duke. It seems for the last several years the have split during the regular season. It'd be real nice to beat them again next Sunday:)
  • Loving the spring-like weather. Took a long 4-wheeler ride this evening. There is something about riding through the woods and fields and enjoying nature that recalibrates me.
  • Kinda weird though. Last week this time I was at my Mom & Dad's in Winston-Salem and the snow was starting to pile up. Last Monday I even make a snowman. Today, shorts and had to make my daughter put on shoes.
  • Real excited for my friends at They are moving to their new campus this Sunday! Check out their new facilities.
  • My plans are to work on taxes tomorrow. Yeah! Not.
  • Grilled out and played Corn Hole last night. The best thing about this time of the year with warm weather is . . . no bugs. I have a feeling that they will be out in full force soon.
  • I need to do some running. I've signed up to run in the 8K on Saturday, March 21. ( I've been going to the Y, taking a cycling class and doing aerobic machines. I just haven't run on the road in quite a while. I should be OK, but need to make sure.
  • What's the deal with this World Baseball Classic? I don't remember this in years past. Is it new?
  • Saw where the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic in that World Baseball Classic yesterday. The DR had 23 Major League players on it (with $83 million in salaries) and the Netherlands had 2 Major League players on it (with $400,000 in salaries). Go figure?
  • ACC Tournament is the coming weekend. Looking for to it. Too bad it's in Atlanta.
  • Looking forward to next Sunday! Some great things planned. Stay tuned.
  • Coffee grinder just broke. Getting a new one is at the top of the "To Do" list for tomorrow.

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