Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Evening Thoughts

Just some thoughts:
  • Had a great weekend. I really enjoyed the team from City on a Hill Project. They are the real deal and connected well with the folks in Bagley Swamp. We can already see God's fingerprints in their story, I can't wait to see what He is going to do through them in Chapel Hill.
  • Crazy Saturday. All three kids went in different directions. Kaleb on a youth trip, Katherine to a birthday party, and Kendall took the SAT. At least Kendall will never have to take that thing again.
  • We had a great turnout for our morning worship services on Sunday, despite the miserable weather. Awesome! Way to go Bagley Swamp!
  • Headed to Durham in the morning to a pastors meeting. Looking forward to it, but have to leave around 6:30 am. Meeting at the new facilities of Can't wait.
  • Took Kaleb to the doctor this afternoon. He has strep. The doctor believes he is no longer contagious. His only complaint is that his throat is a little sore. When I've had strep, I felt horrible.
  • Started reading Killing Cockroaches by Tony Morgan of NewSpring Church. Great book on leadership.
  • Time to go to bed. Peace!

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Benji Kelley said...

Can't wait to have you dude...