Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Reflections

It's been a busy week, lots of good stuff happening and lots of good stuff to look forward to for the weekend.
  • Bagley Swamp will be a host site for Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope on April 23 @ 8pm. This is going to be awesome! Check it out!
  • Had a great meeting last night with our Building Team, Consultant and an Architect. It was mainly an information gathering meeting, but I think we all walked away Pumped Up!
  • Headed out tomorrow with my boys to Winston-Salem to my mom & dad's.
  • It's a Father/Sons weekend. We've always talked about going to a Nascar race, but never had. Being a pastor, I'm usually busy on the weekends. Well, it's time to go. My oldest will be a senior in high school next year, so I don't want time to pass me by. So we are going to the Martinsville Race on Sunday. Really getting excited about it! Hoping that the rain will be leaving. It should.
  • Pastor Todd is preaching on Sunday. He going to be talking about Taking God's Name Seriously. I don't know if he is pumped up about it, but after we talked today about his message, I'm pumped!
  • I think that while boys are off, I think the girls are excited about having the house to themselves. I'm sure there less noise and most likely no sports on TV.
  • UNC plays tonight around 10. After getting up at 4:50 the last four mornings to go to the Y, I'll need to take a nap before the game.
  • Couple of milestones happening this coming week - one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. I'll let you know as they happen.
  • Speaking of milestones, Amy and I have been - how do you say it - an 'item' for 23 years now. Last Sunday was the date of our first date 23 years ago. First date: pizza and a movie. It's been awesome, babe!

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Chuck said...

Yes! That's awesome Jim that you guys are hosting TH4H