Friday, March 27, 2009

Just a Toe

As I write this, March Madness is in full swing -the NCAA college basketball tournament. Every year there is a bunch of hoopla and predictions about who will be crowned the new “champs” after winning every game in the tournament.

This year, my UNC Tar Heels are predicted by some to win the championship. It seems – from previous years – that when they are predicted to win it all, they fall woefully short.

One of the main topics of conversation surrounding the Tar Heels is the condition of a certain big toe. The point guard, Ty Lawson, injured his big toe before the end of the regular season. He missed several games, the team looked very average, and the team lost in the ACC tournament.

So, the question has become – How is Lawson’s toe? And the next question is – Will he be able to play? I’ve been asked this at the YMCA, church, school – practically everywhere I have been. I’ve seen it in the newspaper, on blogs, and have gotten emails and text messages about it.

What does Ty Lawson think of all of this attention? At a news conference, he said, “It’s just a toe.” Wow! I think he realizes that when people look back at the Tar Heels, they are going to remember the team, and not his toe.

It seems in life we can get focused on a lot of things that can take us off track. Our spiritual lives can get high-jacked by a focusing on anything but Jesus. You see, it’s all about Jesus. At Bagley Swamp, we want to make Him famous.

May we connect people with God . . . and each other.

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