Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts

Sitting in the basement of my Mom & Dad's - here are some thoughts this morning:

I like snow. Growing up in the south, snow represents: a day out of school, playing outside, fun, snow cream, and all things good. Rarely have I had to shovel much snow (except when I lived in KY) because it's gone in a day or two.

  • My drive to Mom & Dad's yesterday was quite nasty. It rained the whole way. Everything was either brown or grey. However, this morning, everything is white. Snow makes everything beautiful. Reminds me of God's grace.
  • Going to try to find a sled.

  • Great worship yesterday @ Bagley Swamp! It was great to see the crowd that gathered to worship - especially as nasty as it was. Awesome!

  • Planning on working on Mom & Dad's taxes today. Shouldn't be too bad. I think the sledding will be the reward for getting it done, so I should start soon.

  • Looking forward to this Sunday . . . finishing up the series You Don't Have What It Takes. This series has been fun, but very truthful about where we live. Lots of folks connecting with God in a real way!

  • Maybe I can sneak Dad's truck out and do some doughnuts. Probably won't happen. He's got a pretty keen eye.

  • Hoping to get out to Confluence Coffee today. It is a coffee house that is owned and operated by a church. Hope it's open.

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