Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Father/Sons Trip

Going to Nascar's Martinsville Race on Sunday was a great time with my boys. It was an overall great experience. Some of the highlights were:
  • The seats were great - just past the start/finish line. The seats had backs to them - saved our backs. 
  • The weather was fantastic - short sleeves. Even got a little sunburn. 
  • There was a huge video screen in the middle of the infield that gave all the info those watching TV see. 
  • We rented Fan View sets. A handheld video screen that allows you to see video, hear radio, TV and pit crew broadcasts. Really awesome.
  •  We actually got to park fairly close, considering how far away we saw folks parking. 
  •  The roar of the engines was incredible! Fox's Crank It Up! does not even come close. Also the smell of rubber, spent fuel and hot dogs can only be experienced at the track. It is a smell that takes me back to going to the races with my grandpa.
  • The hot dogs at the race track are awesome!
Some of the things we noticed:
  • A lot of Nascar fans are very loyal to their driver. So much so that the fan will give the 'finger' to any other driver near their driver.
  • We drank Pepsi and Mountain Dew. For those around us, it seemed that Bud Light was the beverage of choice. Luckily we didn't any spilled on us. 
  • Since it rained Friday and Saturday, the parking lots (fields) were quite muddy and slick. I did more sliding in the mud at Martinsville that I did in the snow in West Virginia.  

Most of all, it was a great time to be with my sons. As a dad, I believe that one of my chief responsibilities is to help create memories. This trip is something that we will remember for a lifetime. Looking forward to making more memories. 

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