Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Didn't Ask For This

I wanted to pass on this post from Pastor Steven Furtick

We talk a lot about discovering your purpose.
But most of the time in Scripture, people’s purpose discovered them.
When God places His hand on you to accomplish great things through you, part of you will feel like: “Hey, I didn’t ask for all this!”

If you’re the parent of a strong willed child, a decision maker in a struggling company, or a youth pastor with little budget and no support, no doubt you’ve felt the frustration:“I didn’t ask for this!”

Mary didn’t ask for a full-term teenage pregnancy.
Noah didn’t ask for a 102,000 square foot, 43,000 ton building project upon which the preservation of the human race depended.
Moses didn’t ask for the responsibility of leading a fledgling nation of couple million ingrates through the wilderness.

God doesn’t ask your permission to fulfill His purpose through you.
You don’t get a vote, much less veto power.

You may as well give a gracious acceptance speech, and get on with it…

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