Friday, July 24, 2009


While we were on vacation, Amy and I went for a jog. Actually, she left first, then a few minutes later, I left. We have jogged off and on for years. For the many years, we had to take turns jogging, so one could watch the kids while the other jogged. We looked forward to the day that we could jog together. Several years ago that day arrived, we jogged together and realized that each of us did better if we ­didn’t jog together. I digress.

Anyway, the other day Amy and I both jogged 5.4 miles. Amy’s longest run ever, my longest in quite sometime. The next day we ran 2 miles, and then the following we ran 4. In our little three days of jogging, I learned several things:

- Knowing the goal each day made it easier to reach that goal. When we ran 5.4 miles, we were mentally ready to go past the 2 mile and 4 mile marks. On the 2 mile day it would have been tough to switch to 5 miles at the end of the 2 miles.

- Each time we ran, we ran without stopping. I know for me, if Amy hadn’t been jogging, I probably would have walked some. I really didn’t want to be walking and see her jogging. So, her being around helped me keep going.

- Each day we got up early, not real excited about being up or about exercising. But, our best part of the day was the hour after exercising. Cooling down, relaxing. Realizing that we have just done something that was right, good and healthy.

- The toughest part was getting out of bed and out the door.

Our spiritual lives are very similar. It is very easy to get lazy. It is a whole lot easier to get and stay in spiritual shape if we have someone who is our “jogging” partner for our spiritual lives. Most of the time, there is no glamour in the day to day. However, living your life connected to God and others who are connected with God, can change a mundane life into one with purpose and adventure. May you connect with God and each other . . .

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