Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Night Download

Just a few thoughts this evening:
  • Grill Fest was really amazing this morning at Bagley Swamp Church. Our outdoor worship was moved inside due to the weather. Our team had to do a lot of improvising, and it turned out great. Huge crowd. Way to go Bagley Swamp!
  • Met a pile of new folks this morning, made a lot of connections. Lots of folks searching.
  • Despite 2 inches of rain overnight, we still had most of our activity outside. With around 300 folks there, we didn't have enough room inside anywhere to eat. The radar showed us getting rain at noon, but we never saw any. Thank you, Lord.
  • Can't believe the Tarheels got spanked by Georgia Tech yesterday. Looks like we didn't really show up.
  • The Redskins haven't looked too hot this year, so I wasn't real surprised that they lost to the Lions (their first win in 20 games). Disappointed, but not surprised.
  • Soccer kicks into high gear this week at our house. A game each night, Monday-Thursday. I believe that is our schedule for the month of October.
  • Looking forward to our Faith In Action projects coming up on October 11!
  • Got some great news from one of my buddies about how God has provided relief from some medical bills!
Time to get some rest!

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