Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Big Crash

Yesterday the laptop I use for the church started making some weird sounds. It didn't take too long to realize that the hard drive crashed. Needless to say, being a big dufus, I don't have many of the files saved anywhere else.

Dell was real good when I chat-ed online with them. A new hard drive is on the way. They also said my only hope for my files is to take the computer to one of those computer repair places that does file recovery. That's where it is now. They may be able to get some of the files - or nothing.

I'm surprised that I haven't freaked out over this. I mean, I've probably lost years of stuff. Maybe I will get good news later in the day. But if the new isn't good, I guess I just keep moving on. It will mean recreating some things that I've already done, but that's part of life.

By the way, I've already purchased an external hard drive, so this kind of thing won't be so devastating if it happens again. I dropped it by the computer place in hopes that they would be putting my old files on it.

I hope your day is better!


The LeRoys said...

great to read a few of your posts. i had to laugh at your earlier post on giving blood and "getting woosey." i had a flashback to the day out at jake's court when your ring got caught on that bolt...cue the woosey-ness. flashback #2 was your mention of up river friends in the same post. that brought back some good ol' revival memories! much love.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Matt,

My lap top was stolen a couple of weeks ago, though now recovered. While in their possession, a 'few' things were changed around a bit to suit their taste in laptops. If you're going to take my laptop... please feel free to use it as you please!!
Surprizingly, I didn't get overly excited. There was nothing I could do once the computer was stolen... other than wait. Providentially, I had just purchased a new home computer. I could get a lot of my work completed at home...versus bugging the church secretary for her computer.
That external hard drive sounds like a good buy. I have hard copy of most things, but the digital format creates convenience, in re-using material.
Stuff happens. I guess we can all get over it. Anonymously Al