Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Simple Things

Life has been rather hectic lately. My last post indicates that I suffered a computer crash several weeks ago. As you might imagine, the crash itself made life hectic. It took me quite a while just where I could function with the work computer. You know, to be able to print something because I had the right print driver installed, stuff like that. Just to do something simple, like print or get email, wasn't so simple anymore.

Things have been busy at the church as well. Due to schedules, I realized yesterday that I saw my kids thirty minutes this weekend. That's not good.

This evening was the first evening that we weren't on the run for a while. A game was rained out and we spent the evening just hanging out. Nothing special. Watched the Braves. John Smoltz got his 3000th strikeout. The Braves lost. But, we got to be together. Laugh. Joke around. Enjoying the simple things.

Simple. Keep it simple.

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Pastor Al said...

Simple things are the best!

We had fifty people from the Goldsboro Wesleyan church at the 'Kinston Indians' game last Saturday night. Because we just hung out and had fun...it was also quality time with my wife Juliette.

The junk food was good and the home team won. Most of our gang showed up for services the next morning! Trust we all have a great summer. Like checkin your blog.