Friday, May 30, 2008

Da Bulls!

This afternoon our family is headed to Durham to see the Durham Bulls play the Pawtucket Red Sox. The Bulls are the Triple A team of the Tampa Bay Rays. In other words, the Bulls are in the league just below the major leagues.

Amy and I went to see the Bulls play a lot while we were in college in Chapel Hill. Later when our boys came along, we went quite often.

We will be meeting my sister and her family, my mom and dad, as well as my uncle at the game. The last time we saw a game with my parents and my sister's family was 10 years ago when we went to Atlanta to see the Braves. We had a blast! It wore out Amy and my sister since they were both pregnant. They should fare better this time.

I am also anticipating some great food! Nothing beats food at the ball park. Yes, it cost a little much, but man is it good.

I almost forgot, we get the fireworks show after the game. That should be great! One time my dad, uncle and I went to Atlanta to see the Braves over July 4. They had a fireworks show after the game, but our seats were so high that we couldn't see the display due to being beneath the overhang of the stadium. As my uncle said, "All we saw was the ashes." We've joked my dad for years about those Bob "I must be on the front row" Uecker seats.

On Saturday I hope to stop by and check on the progress of newhope church in Durham. This church is really doing great things and is building a tremendous facility just down the road from Southpoint in Durham. If you are ever in Durham, check this church out!

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