Thursday, May 8, 2008

Late Night Thoughts

A couple of thoughts running through my mind this evening:
  • Amy and I dropped off our oldest son (15) at NC State today for a math, science and technology camp. That felt weird.
  • I gave my son the names of two of my high school classmates who are professors at State in case he came across them. That felt weird, and old.
  • On the way home, Amy and I noticed that we looked younger than most of the other parents dropping off their 10th graders. That felt good.
  • Until she reminded me that we'd probably look kinda old when our 9 year old gets to that age. I guess it doesn't matter since I don't have much choice about it.
  • I am now being introduced as "the husband of . . . " which is kind of a new twist for us. Being a pastor, most people we meet around here will have heard of our church or me. So, I would then say "this is my wife, Amy." Well, that changed somewhat last night when Amy was elected to our county school board. So it is now . . . "and this is my husband, James." That's cool. I think I like that.
  • Time to go to bed . . .

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Matt Guthrie said...

How cool is that? Give my congrats to Amy. Anyway I can hook up with K while he's in town?