Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Stone Gap - Thursday

As far as the work goes, no real updates. We're still in the 'mudding' and sanding process with the sheet rock. The plan is to have that mostly finished up by quitting time today so tomorrow we can put on a coat of primer. The closet has been built near the bedroom that we painted the other day. Sheet rock is being hung, a light and outlet installed, and the door hung. Our plan is to be finished with this mostly by today, so we can get a coat of primer on it tomorrow.

Last night we had baked spaghetti, salad and chocolate cake at the same church, fixed again by Shirley and her crew. She shared with us about God's call on her life, how she got from Anderson, SC to Big Stone Gap, VA and how God has used her and her family to minister to children and teens in this community. Her son, David, runs The Edge, the teen center that has bands to come in a play each Saturday night. Check out The Edge's myspace here.

Some have asked about the snoring situation. On Tuesday evening when we went to Lowes, several sets of ear plugs were purchased, so there has been more rest:-)

Today the weather is still quite cold, though it felt pretty good at lunch when we walked down to the same restaurant that we ate at yesterday. Today, some got the chicken livers, while the rest had the hamburger steak. That place has good food and seems to have a good business. It's one of those places where the older waitress calls you 'son' and the younger ones call you 'hon' or 'sweetie'. You gotta love it!

After lunch we spent a few minutes milling through some of the downtown shops and meeting some of the locals. We struck several conversations with folks, most of them wanting to know where we were from. I've a pretty good southern accent, but I believe the folks here have event more of one :)

Gerald is smiling more than usual today. He is a grandpa again. Colton Adam Christian was born this morning to Brandy and Shane Christian. From what we know, mom and son are well. Congrats!

Great conversations again last night! God is at work in us and among us! I'm more pumped now than ever about what God is doing and what God is gonna do through Bagley Swamp.

Continue to pray for us - we're praying for you!

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