Monday, March 15, 2010

Change of Routine

I know its been a while - I'm trying to get back in the routine of posting.

We're trying something new now at the church office. For years, we have worked in the office from Tuesday through Friday - with me having Mondays and Saturdays to be more flexible.

Starting today - we're in the office on Mondays - Thursdays. We'll try it and see how it works. Like a lot of things, it's an experiment. If it doesn't work, we'll change it.

One thing I already like - staff meeting on Monday. We get to celebrate the big things that happened over the weekend. Two of big things that we celebrated:
1) at the teen event on Friday - almost double the # of teens - WOW!
2) new folks at church again yesterday! One person drove over an
hour (one way) to be with us for the first time!

Great stuff is happening at Bagley Swamp! God is good!

1 comment:

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