Friday, March 19, 2010

How'd You Do?

This weekend a group of us from church are headed to Virginia Beach to run in a couple of different races. Three will be running in the 8K race tomorrow morning. Amy and I will be running in the 1/2 marathon on Sunday morning.

The question "How'd You Do?" will be asked, and it will be referring to my race time, or how I felt, or if I finished.

The question actually goes back to many months ago when we started training for this distance. How we do in the race has to do with how well we trained. You can't make up for the lack of training.

For us - we expect to do well. We've trained well. We don't expect to be faster than we were when we trained. We expect to finish. And finish well. That's what we've trained for.

That's true in life, too. (Had to put that in there).

Now looking forward to eating at Olive Garden and spending time on the beach!

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