Friday, October 17, 2008

Angel Food

When I first heard of Angel Food, my first thought was cake, as in angel food cake. Then I learned that Angel Food is a ministry that allow people to buy great food - like you get at your grocery store - for a fraction of the cost.

We (Bagley Swamp Church) are now a distribution site for Angel Food. We applied and were approved to be a site. Before we even received out packet explaining what we were to do, we began receiving calls. I believe that we can have a real impact in people's lives for Christ through acts of Compassion.

BTW, at Bagley Swamp, we define compassion ministries as those tangible things that we do for others with no strings attached.

We will begin taking orders for Angel Food on October 26 for the November 22 delivery date. Check out the Angel Food website for more information. Order deadline and the such will be on the Bagley Swamp Website by the end of next week.

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