Friday, October 17, 2008

Great Memory!

Yesterday evening my daughter and I had one of those memory-maker kind of evenings. It's one of those events that was six years in the making. Let me explain.

In 2002 Elizabeth Dole came to our area campaigning for the US Senate. She came to a campaign breakfast at our local restaurant. At the time we were homeschooling, so I took the kids to the breakfast to meet Mrs. Dole. While we were there, our picture was taken and we were on the front page of our local newspaper. You can see me holding my daughter.

Well, last night Senator Dole was in our area, so my daughter and I decided to go and see her again. Amy and the boys were busy, so it was just to two of us. We got there early, hoping that it wouldn't be a big problem to meet her. We stood out of the way of the front door, but Senator Dole entered from the side, right beside of us. She went to the podium and gave her speech. During the speech, I asked her assistant if it was possible for Senator Dole to autograph the newspaper photo we brought. He said to stand right there, and Mrs. Dole would walk right to us.

Well, Mrs. Dole decided to walk out the front door instead. Her assistant told us to follow him, and we did. We ended up meeting Mrs. Dole at her car, with no one else around. I showed her the newspaper photo from six years before, and she seemed excited to sign it for us. I asked her if she knew one of my pastor friends, and she did. Then she asked if I would keep her and her husband in my prayers. That was pretty cool!
Needless to say, my daughter and I were pretty excited about our private encounter with the Senator. We celebrated by going to a local burger joint!

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