Thursday, October 16, 2008


One of the Lab Sessions that I went to at Catalyst was taught by Mark Batterson. He talked about one of the cages that we find ourselves in from time to time - the cage of fear. Often times we are like King Saul in that we are sitting underneath the pomegranate tree when we should be taking action (1 Samuel 14).

Often that fear paralyzes us from taking the action that God has called us to take. It is interesting to see Saul's son, Jonathan, has the same scenario before him as his dad, but rather than being paralyzed by fear, he is propelled by faith.

I was with a group of pastors on Tuesday and we talked about this very situation in scripture. Here are a couple of thoughts that I wrote down:

Live like there is nothing to lose.

To live is Christ - to die is gain. (Philippians 1:21) So . . . God gives us eternal life so we can live risky lives.

We have to recognize that most scary situations are actually opportunities that we are afraid to take action.

So, the question for you and me - are you propelled by faith (living risky for God) OR paralyzed by fear (living safe for you)?

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