Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cash for My Clunker

We've got a 20 year old Nissan pick-up that our 16 year old drives. We've had it for about 10 years. Good truck, reliable, have really gotten our money out of it.

Several weeks ago, our son calls on his way home from work, saying that he has broken down. I go and pick him up, have the truck towed to a garage. The timing belt had broken and we had bent a valve. So we are looking at some $ to fix it.

About this time, the ol' Cash for Clunkers deal started. So, guess what we did!

Guess again.

We fixed it. We drove it home today.

Why? Several reasons. We didn't want or need a new vehicle. We were not going into debt to get a different vehicle. Plus, we don't like idea of another government bailout.

We were able to pay cash and get the truck fixed and have good, reliable transportation cheaper than we could buy a different vehicle.

So, for us, this was the best deal. We paid cash for our clunker (to get fixed). Laugh if you want, but we're still debt free.

Romans 13:8 "Owe no one anything . . . except to love one another"


Idrum4Jesus said...

We had a similar situation with our van back a few months ago. We decided like you. Amen!

Chuck said...

Dude! If this post was Guitar Hero, You just played a 5 star gig!

Way to go guys, I am proud of you!!