Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Night Download

Random thoughts this Sunday evening:
  • New experience this morning. When I got to the church at o'dark early, I was surprised to find someone asleep on the steps of our side entrance.
  • Great worship this morning, especially at our second service. Have been preaching this month on God's principles for handling money - probably have had more people contact me to discuss this sermon series than any other. Hmmm.
  • Similar note: we had more people to show up at Financial Peace University this afternoon that we had expected! Like . . . twice the amount. Awesome!
  • Heading off to Big Stone Gap, VA in a few weeks on a mission trip. Getting excited.
  • Had fun this afternoon watching my boys and some teens try and do some Dude Perfect videos. Here's one of their shots. Here are some more.
  • One of our teens was hurt on Thursday and had to be hospitalized. It was awesome to see him in the 8:30 worship this morning. God is good!
  • Looking forward to hanging out with some pastors tomorrow in Greenville.
  • Glad the Colts won! The Super Bowl should be good - no matter if it's the Vikings or the Saints against the Colts. For the third year in a row . . . I'll be away on a mission trip, but we'll find a TV somewhere.
  • Boys are talking about some wings to go with the Vikings/Saints game . . . sounds good. Peace out.

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