Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sledding in the Swamp!

Not exactly sledding in an actual swamp, but the area where we live is known as Bagley Swamp. Yes, there is a swamp there, but we don't sled in it.

Our first winter in Bagley Swamp (1999) we noticed that there is no real place to sled when it snows. We are basically in the flat-lands. We also noticed that it doesn't snow much. So when it does snow, drop everything and play in it.

I grew up in a neighborhood that had several huge hills that were awesome to sled on. But I had no idea of how to sled on flat ground.

Once in Bagley Swamp, it didn't take us long to figure it out. Tie one end of a rope to your sled. Tie the other end to the back of a four-wheeler (ATV). Hold on!

Since we don't get a lot of snow, the sleds tend to take a beating being pulled over ground where the snow has melted. We've gone through several sleds.

Our biggest 'redneck' sled was an old suitcase. It worked fairly well, but looked . . . redneck.

The best ever - we had today. Our neighbor had a truck hood. He tied it to the back of his 4-wheeler. That thing was super smooth and fast. Clark Griswold style. Awesome! It was like being pulled on a tube behind a boat, but no wake. All of the kids, and even me, had a blast.

Just a little wind burn. What's your favorite way to sled?

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