Monday, April 9, 2012

Go fly a kite . . .

Yesterday was a great day.

Easter Sunday. Awesome time at church. We saw a lot people respond to the message of the empty tomb and receive real life from Jesus. That never gets old! We also saw lots of new people - our folks really invited their friends & family! Wow!

Spent some time in the afternoon talking with a young man that is fired up for the cause of Christ and his call to the ministry. That's always exciting and gets me pumped up!

Even had time to relax and fly a kite. Usually when you hear those words - go fly a kite - it is usually not a good thing, but yesterday it was great.

Spent some time hiding Easter eggs and finding them - something that I always enjoy with Katherine.

Even watched the end of the Masters to see Bubba Watson win in dramatic fashion!

How was your Easter?