Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Small Things

We have a Sears riding mower that we have had for about 10 years. It still works well, but looks a little rough. A couple of years ago, I noticed a crack in the hood and thought that I need to put some tape or glue on it to keep it from getting worse. But I didn’t. I just kept forgetting.

Well, last summer, I noticed that the lawnmower hood has completely come apart and was now on the ground in 7 pieces. I really wished that I had put that tape on there when it was just a small crack.

So we finished up mowing last summer with no hood on the riding mower. It worked, but it looked horrible. I don’t know if I would’ve felt any worse riding around town with a car with no hood.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I researched about getting a replacement hood. Guess how much one of those cost? $500. Dang! Not getting that.

So, I pulled a Jim Spaugh. I used to tease my dad about being the King of Duct Tape. But I’ve out done him – and he’s no longer around to see my great accomplishment.

Instead of getting a $500 hood replacement, I bought $10 of red duct tape and taped together my lawn mower hood. (Check it out below).

Lesson to be learned: make the decision to fix something while it is still small and take action on that decision.

This whole deal could’ve been avoided with one small piece of duct tape two years ago.

The same thing is true in other aspects of life. What small thing in your marriage, finances, relationship, spiritual life, habits . . . that needs attention that you are avoiding?

Did you know that if you continue to do nothing the issue will be bigger and more unsightly  - just like my lawn mower? 


Chuck said...

Mr. James - glad to see you writing again. Funny, the same thing has been on my mind.

There is a phrase that came to my mind while reading your post: Taking Care of Business (TCB).

How many times do I not TCB when things are manageable? Why do I wait until things escalate? Most likely procrastination is one of my love languages (not really).

Thanks for writing!


James Spaugh said...


I agree with TCB and I might have the same love language.

I hope you and your family are well. Maybe we should met up at a Tides game sometime with our families!


Anonymous said...

That's just not right! You can't use RED duct tape, it has to be the original!