Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Roundup!

Our crowd made it back home on Sunday evening, after leaving out on Christmas morning. We had a great time visiting with family. As with most families, we had some new ones to meet and some to miss. We had a great time and enjoyed some great food.

It was nice to get home. We feel like we have been living out of our van. We had places to stay - that wasn't problem - it was a different place each night. We also had seven different stops to make - so it was quite amazing that the gifts for the last stop were found, not crushed, and still wrapped.

I know this Christmas has just passed, but I'm already looking forward to next Christmas. As of now, we are planning to stay at home on Christmas Day, and travel afterward. We also look forward to the Wesleyan Youth Convention that takes place in Charlotte. We've attended these since 1990 and look forward to each one.

Since we made seven stops, that means that we ate at least seven large meals. Be looking for a post in the near future about Goals for 2009.
Note: In case you were wondering - that's not us in that photo - it just felt like it.

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