Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Great Times!

Last night we had a wonderful time with some pastor friends and their families. One of the couples had lived in Kansas City, so they knew how to make ribs. These were the best ribs I've ever eaten. I'm probably ruined. What a great time of food, fun and fellowship.

We had to travel about three hours (each way) to get to the event. On the way back, I needed to get some gas. There was a particular place I wanted to stop, fill up and get a few snacks, but it was further down the road than I had thought. They kids got rather quiet when they realized that we were well below the E on the ol' fuel gage and no gas stations in sight.

Well . . . we made it to the gas station on fumes. I think the experience enhanced the family's prayer life.

BTW, I did set a new record for the most miles driven on a tank of fuel for our van! :) I think I am prohibited from going for a new record during our Christmas travels.

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