Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Sometimes 3rd sounds bad, sometimes it sounds good. If you finished 3rd out of 500 runners in a race, that would sound good. If you finished 3rd out of three, that would be bad.

Well, today the boys and I went to see NC State play basketball in Raleigh with a guy from church and his two kids. We got to the game early, picked up our tickets from Will Call, and headed inside. We were in section 306, row L. We knew that we would be high, but when we climbed the steps - we were 3 rows from the top. We had to look down to see the banners hanging from the rafters.

We sat there, catching our breath. It was about 50 minutes before tip-off. My friends were all State fans, so they had on State shirts. Even though we're UNC fans, we wore red to pull for the Pack. Kaleb bought a State shirt yesterday to wear to the game. I wore a red polo. Kendall had on a red t-shirt.

We were displaying our red (except Kendall, who still had his sweatshirt on) when a State student with a red wig climbed up to where we were and asked if "he (Kendall) had a red shirt on under that."

Kendall showed his red shirt and the guy gave us 6 tickets for lower down. We were excited! How low? Section 120, Row C.

3rd Row. Behind the State bench. Can you say awesome!

We went from 3rd row from the top to 3rd row from the court. What a huge difference. Some of us even made it on the huge jumbo tron screen!

What a great time! Memories for a lifetime. What a way to end the year!

Oh yeah - State won by 20.


Matt Guthrie said...

How cool is that!? I'm green with envy.

Kevin Murrell said...

Hey, James it has been a while since we last saw each other. I found you here and have been keeping up with you here as much as I can. Sounded like a great evening. When I read it I first began to think about a recent sermon series, Three Steps to the Next Level. Have a great New Year.