Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Dog’s Perspective

We have a couple of dogs – an older one (Marilyn) and a younger one (Riley). The old one gave up chasing or barking at cars a long time ago. However, the younger one still keeps this ancient art.

The road we live on has the occasional car or truck ride by, but it’s not often. When a pickup or larger truck rides by, Riley sprints toward the road barking intently.

Don’t worry, we have one of those invisible fences that keeps Riley away from the road.

Riley chases the truck along the invisible fence, barking, until the truck has past our yard.

Dumb dog. When will you realize that you are wasting your time and energy. Learn from the older dog.

Recently we’ve noticed that Riley chases not only trucks, but also airplanes.

Yep, airplanes. Where we live, crop dusters fly low over us – close enough you can see the pilot, wave and he waves back.  

Riley hears the airplane coming, looks up, and chases it across the yard.

Again, dumb dog.

One day I had a thought that changed my perspective.

I wonder if Riley thinks that he is chasing away every truck that comes down the road and every airplane that flies over?

If so, he must feel pretty successful. Practically all vehicles that come down our road (that don’t live at Riley’s house) keep going by. Riley probably thinks it’s because of him. And we certainly haven’t had an airplane to stop.

If Riley does that – thinks he’s keeping trucks & airplanes away– I wonder if I do that. I wonder if you do that.

What do we try to control and that we think we control, but we really don’t?

I imagine that there are some days – from God’s perspective – that I look like Riley chasing an airplane.

How about you? 

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