Thursday, January 15, 2009

Legend of Poe Lives On . . .

One of my favorite people of all-time was my grandfather - Poe. I called him Pa Pa (pronounced paw paw). I grew up about 1.5 hours away from my grandparents, so I didn't see them weekly. But when I saw them, I usually spent time with them. Usually in the summers I would spend at at least a week with them, if not two or three. I was his shadow.

He would rise early, get coffee, read his Bible, the paper, eat breakfast and then get started on some project. The project could consume the morning, the day or even several days. But inevitably, whatever we would be working on - there would be a point where we would have to fix something that we working with (hence, another project).

For example, if we were mowing the yard - half day project - the mower would break down, so we would spend about half of the day fixing the mower and half of the day mowing. Most projects turned out like that.

I've noticed that little trend in my own life, and I know that I learned from grandfather. My sons have witnessed it. Today I have confirmation that I have successfully passed it down to my youngest son.

My sons were helping others install a projector in our fellowship hall at church. They were almost done when Kaleb was asked bring a cord to one of the guys in the attic. In the process, Kaleb pulled a Clark Griswold, he stepped through the ceiling. He wasn't hurt, but greatly surprised. Needless to say, that turned into another project.

Since I wasn't involved in the project, I have confirmation the Kaleb has inherited "it". Poe would be proud. In fact, Kaleb even looks a little like Poe.

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Anonymous said...

Kaleb is a good boy!! I hope he will be as happpy as Poe was.