Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Wonder . . .

One of my commitments for the New Year is to read a variety of books. I have a list of books to read (and it continues to grow) and have intentionally included books on different subjects that would be out of my norm to read.

I just finished The 5000 Year Leap: The Miracle that Changed the World. It is a book that chronicles the writing of the US Constitution, the basis the Founding Fathers were using, and the intent behind what they wrote.

The bulk of the book is on the Founders Basic Principles - 28 Principles that changed the world. These Principles are what makes our Constitution and our Country different and more special than any other country in history.

However, while reading about our Founders and their ideas, it seems that we (as a country) have moved away from what they intended. In fact, some of the stuff that we are going through now as a country, seems to be as a result of drifting away from the principles of the Founders.

It was interesting to read quotes from Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Franklin, Locke and the like - that basically predicted some of the bad stuff that we see now as a result of veering from the Founder intent in the Constitution.

Really fascinating. I was really surprised to how much the book applied to today since most of it focused on the Founders and that the majority of the book was written prior to 1981.

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